3MBS offers training in broadcasting to prospective volunteer presenters  who are committed to applying their new skills in 3MBS’s broadcast operations.

Fees for the Presenter Training course are $300 full / $120 concession. All fees are paid in advance and are non-refundable

Presenter Training

A volunteer intending to present on air must undertake the presenter training course which takes three (3) months over three (3) stages. An applicant with prior experience in broadcasting will have their case assessed (an air-check will be required) and a shorter course may be offered depending on experience

Stage 1

There are two intakes of prospective presenters each year (March and September), and the training workshops for these are held over four consecutive Saturdays. These workshops cover radio presentation, writing for radio, panelling, foreign language pronunciation, vocal production and music programming. A typical training day starts at 9.00 am and finishes at 4.00 pm (with many breaks).

After successfully completing the presenter training workshops and passing an assessment, trainees enter the Mentoring phase of the training in which they obtain live studio experience.

Stage 2

Trainees will be assigned to a concert-style program e.g. Concert Hall.  Over the course of four (4) weeks they will observe an experienced presenter, operate the panel, present and panel on air with their Mentor and finally present a solo program. Secondly, they will be assigned to a flow-type program in which the same stages are undertaken (observation, panelling, then presenting plus panelling).

Stage 3

Trainees will be assigned to a flow-style program e.g. Breakfast or Drive.  Over the course of four (4) weeks they will observe an experienced presenter, operate the panel, present and panel on air with their Mentor and finally present a solo program.

These practical phases of presenter training take a minimum of eight weeks to complete (ie four weeks in a concert program followed by four weeks in a flow program).

Upon completing both the theoretical (workshop) and practical stages of training, the volunteer will be eligible to stand in for other presenters if required in order to gain experience and confidence behind the microphone. When training has been fully completed and experience gained, the volunteer may then apply for presenter vacancies and submit proposals for new programs.

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Production Training

This training course covers two main areas: technical production (editing) and program making (planning, implementation, methodology). The course involves workshops delivered in two stages separated by an interim placement lasting a maximum of six weeks.

Stage 1

Running over two consecutive Saturdays, Stage 1 covers production principles, program development and production methodology as well as basic editing and panelling.

Stage 2

A trainee who has completed Stage 1 plus the placement will be invited to complete their production training with Stage 2 of the course. This involves scripting for packages, scripting for interview segments (writing cues) and advanced audio editing.

The course runs when there are sufficient applicants to run the workshops

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Skills development for existing volunteer presenters/producers

3MBS broadcasters are regularly invited to undertake further skills development. Some examples of skills development workshops delivered independent of the training courses include:



Foreign language pronunciation

Audio editing



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