Over more than 40 years 3MBS has built a trusted reputation for quality broadcasting in Melbourne, with a monthly audience of 377,000 listeners (McNair Ingenuity Research July 2017) and more than 3000 loyal subscribers.

3MBS can tailor a package to give your organisation or business maximum impact and exposure across radio, print and digital formats. Options include weekly show sponsorship and pre-recorded announcements on 3MBS FM and 3MBS Digital, and advertisements in our weekly eNews listener newsletter and in our monthly subscriber-only On Air magazine.

Additionally, 3MBS has joined forces with 4MBS Classic FM (Brisbane) and FineMusic 102.5 (Sydney) to create the Fine Music Network which reaches 433,000 listeners across Australia. Sponsorship of the Fine Music Network offers your organisation or business high-quality and sustained exposure to a closely-targeted, discerning and affluent listening audience.


3MBS is able to tailor your campaign to suit your campaigns including:

  • Digital Dedicated EOM Campaigns on-air promotional campaigns
  • On-air promotional campaigns -includes production of 30-second ads
  • Weekly E-news Ads
  • Live to Airs; Outside broadcasts
  • Print ads in the monthly subscriber magazine
  • DL Magazine inserts Arts and cultural partnerships
  • web banner and signage
  • Giveaways & Competitions