3MBS is Melbourne’s only local fine music radio station. Operating on a Community Radio licence, we rely on the financial support of listeners in the form of subscriptions, donations and bequests.

Our broadcasters are all volunteers who are passionate about fine music and want to share their passion with like-minded community members. 3MBS engages a diverse community of almost 200 volunteers working in a range of activities including music cataloguing, radio production, sound engineering and administration. Our youngest volunteer is 23 years old and our oldest is 87!

Founded in 1975, 3MBS was the first 24-hour FM station in Victoria and led the way for the introduction of community radio in Australia. You can read more about the history of 3MBS here.

3MBS is a non-for profit organisation which is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by a small team of paid staff.

We passionately support fine music, especially Melbourne musicians and composers. We aim to be the leading fine music broadcaster in Melbourne by creating quality programs that are diverse and interesting, and by supporting our community of listeners, performers and composers.

One of the best ways to get to know 3MBS and its operations is to take a 3MBS Tour or by inviting us to arrange a Talk for your organisation.