Doug Beecroft has a huge passion for Classical music that began in childhood. It was the soundtracks of films like Dr Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia that first swept him up. He bought records when he could. His father suggested he might also try listening to Beethoven and introduced Doug to a friend who had a big classical collection. He not only lent the teenage Doug his precious LPs, but guided his tastes, introducing him, for example, to Elgar, the composer to whom Doug is still most devoted.

Despite having no formal background in classical music, Doug began adult life enriched by frequent concert and opera-going and ever-deepening musical knowledge and enjoyment. He also began collecting musical autographs and memorabilia.

3MBS has given Doug the loveliest opportunity to explore further and to share his passion with others. Doug had listened to the station for many years and, when work commitments lessened, rang the station to offer to his services as a volunteer. He asked if he could possibly be mentored by Hector Walker, whose choice of music and insightful introductions he particularly appreciated. His wish was granted. Soon, Doug was a trained programmer/presenter and went to air first on Concert Hall and then Saturday Afternoon Concert. He took over the latter from another of his favourite presenters and now a personal friend, Elizabeth Duffield, on her retirement from 3MBS, which she still listens to, loves, indeed, calls 'My 3MBS.'