Every year, 3MBS continues to introduce the wonderful world of classical music to new listeners. The music we broadcast captures the imagination of thousands and we never tire of hearing stories from our listeners of their favourite moments when they were captivated by a particular piece of music that made time stand still.

The 3MBS team works tirelessly to bring you the best classical music and jazz. We understand the significance of music listening for our health and wellbeing. Most of all, we are committed to providing you – our loyal listener – with continuous music.

We encourage you to support us in any way you can. Your donation contributes to numerous station initiatives – operational costs at our Abbotsford studios; maintaining and purchasing new broadcast equipment for both studio and outside broadcasts that can be recorded from any location around Melbourne; developing exciting content on-air and online; producing first-class, creative performances celebrating Melbourne musicians; and sustaining transmission costs to keep 3MBS alive and on-air.

Most importantly, your vital donation allows 3MBS to continue its mission as one of Australia’s foremost classical music broadcasters.

That’s why we’re asking you to embrace your 3MBS at this time.

3MBS continues to push artistic boundaries, showcasing immortal classics alongside lesser known, previously marginalised music, raising awareness of newly composed Australian music, broadcasting world premiere performances and promoting local artists on-air and online.

These events celebrate the best classical music that Melbourne has to offer – performances that are diverse, unique, innovative, evocative and most importantly create lasting memories All the qualities that we know classical music can be. These new initiatives are produced for your enjoyment and to provide you with more options to experience the best classical music Melbourne has to offer.

But we need you to help us sustain these new and engaging programs.

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