You can take 3MBS live performances to the next level.

As Melbourne’s own classical music radio station, our vision remains at the heart of this city’s classical music community. That’s why 3MBS Melbourne has progressively diversified the way we present music that extends beyond traditional broadcasting. We have built loyal audiences over the years with our long-standing performance events and we want to continue producing these integral events for you as well as introducing new ones.

3MBS is aware of the evolving arts and cultural landscape post-COVID and how that has affected how you experience live music. Producing a 3MBS event today goes far beyond stage production and recording. It requires a new level of audio-visual presentation that includes lighting, acoustic management, podcasting support, script/narration prompts and digital accessories for musicians, presenters and technical staff to create the smoothest and most professional recording take.

Having access to this production equipment is essential to promoting the station and to reach new broadcast communities—not just across Melbourne, but throughout regional Victoria. We want to connect with more diverse state-wide communities, schools, regionally based musicians, festivals and venues. And to have the right equipment to give you the best live musical experience that soothes the soul, brings comfort, and connects with your love of music.

As a music champion, 3MBS Melbourne needs your help to capture the ultimate musical moment in concert and on-air.

This end of year, 3MBS is asking for your steadfast support with the aim of raising $40,000 by 31 December 2023. Your generosity will allow the station to purchase much-needed audio-visual equipment that will take our live performances to the next level. This includes:

  • raised stage platform so that your favourite musician is front and centre and everyone to see

  • Lighting rig to cast the spotlight on your favourite musicians

  • Sound screens to create a luxurious sonic experience

  • Podcast console and sound accessories that will allow 3MBS to record high-quality content in seconds

  • Recording camera tripods to capture the perfect angle during performance

  • Teleprompter to help speakers deliver their keynotes on-air and online

  • Digital tablets and D700 headphones to efficiently run interviews, prompt guest speakers, record with enhanced details and clarity and for guest musicians to use for their performances

This equipment will support the exciting lineup of live performance events planned for 2024, both from the Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio and various venues across Melbourne, as well as the launch of the new 3MBS website. To put things in perspective, 3MBS has recorded over 190 concerts and live-to-air recitals throughout 2023. Nearly double those produced in 2022. And we plan to increase this number further!

Help take our live events to the next level and revel in the music we produce for you.