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‘Music from now’ featuring many recent releases and occasional interviews with composers and performers. The fare consists of local and overseas compositions of the past sixty years or so, including the innovative and the avant-garde.


12th December

Show Playlist
  • Rutten/Judge: Birdsong Improvisations. Jacqui Rutten sop, Livia Judge fte.
  • Interview with MCL: Duncan, Pertout and Tenace re 20yrs triple CD.
  • Duncan: The Arc of the Day. Silo Stg Qt, Danae Killian pno.
  • Pertout: The Elements. Carmine Marcello Rizzi vln.
  • Tenace: Out-Takes for amplified stg qt & tape. Silo Stg Qt.
  • Crossman: Spirit. Lotte Latukefu m-sop, James Cuddeford vln, Michael Kieran Harvey pno, Claire Edwardes perc.
  • Lindberg: Jubilees. Tapiola Sinfonietta / Magnus Lindberg.
  • Turnage: On Opened Ground. Lawrence Power vla, LPO / Markus Stenz.

  • 5th December

    Show Playlist
  • Interview with Warren Burt re new work and electro-acoustic music.
  • Jeffrey Dunn:
  • Dylan Imeneo:
  • Matthew Paine:
  • Tamara Violet Partridge:
  • David Weaver:
  • Burt: Mosaics and Transparencies. Electro-acoustic.
  • Lindberg: Souvenir. Tapiola Sinfonietta / Magnus Lindberg.

  • 28th November

    Show Playlist
  • Glass: Concert Overture. Bruckner Orch Linz / Dennis Russell Davies.
  • Lindberg: Violin Concerto. Pekka Kuusisto vln/dir, Tapiola Sinfonietta.
  • Wolfe: Earring. Lisa Moore pno.
  • Srnka: Pouhou vinou. Wilhem Latchoumia pno, Diotima Qt.
  • Ford: Willow Songs. Halcyon, Sally Walker ftes, Jason Noble cls, John Douglas perc, Sally Whitwell pno.
  • Bresnick: Ishi's Song. Lisa Moore pno/voice.
  • Matz: Concert for flute and strings. Tamara Coha Mandic fte, Croatian Radio Television SO / Mladen Tarbuk.

  • 21st November

    No available playlist

    14th November

    Show Playlist
  • Turnage: Mambo, Blues and Tarantella. Christian Tetzlaff vln, LPO / Vladimir Jurowski.
  • Adams, John Luther: Among Red Mountains. Lisa Moore pno.
  • Feld: Symphony No 1. Bamberg SO / Heinz Wallberg.
  • Carter: Instances. BBC SO / Oliver Knussen.
  • Saariaho: Leino Songs. Anu Komsi sop, Finnish RSO / Sakari Oramo.
  • Vasks: String Quartet No 1. Spikeru Stg Qt.
  • Meyer: Imaginary Variations. Anna Ziolkowska vln, Laura Kluwak-Sobolewska pno.

  • 7th November

    Show Playlist
  • Harrison: Four Pieces for Harp. Beverly Bellows, harp.
  • Cassidy: The Wreck of Former Boundaries. Peter Evans, Tristram Williams and Elision.
  • Ablinger: Voices and Piano.
  • Gosfeld: The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory. Bang on a Can All-Stars.
  • Chin: Fantasie Mecanique. Ensemble Intercontemporain.

  • 31st October

    Show Playlist
  • Glass: Candyman Suite: Music Box. Michael Riesman, pno, Chase Spruill, vln.
  • Bartok: Music for strings, percussion and celesta, Sz.106. London PO/Sir Georg Solti.
  • Carpenter: Halloween Theme (OST)
  • Diamanda Galas: The Thrill is Gone.
  • Hermann: Psycho: Suite for Strings.
  • Ligeti: Volumina. Joachim Dorfmuller, org.
  • Crumb: String quartet - Black Angels, 1970. Kronos Quartet.
  • Twisted Nerve (Kill Bill OST)
  • Penderecki: Polymorphia. Aukso Orch/Krzysztof Penderecki.
  • Peter Ivers: In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song). Eraserhead OST.
  • The Singing Nun: Dominique (1963)

  • 24th October

    Show Playlist
  • Dargaville: Invisible Dances. Arcko Symphonic Project/Timothy Phillips.
  • Colbert: Torque. Phoebe Green, viola.
  • Hsieh: Icy Disintegration. Arcko Symphonic Project/Timothy Phillips.
  • McCombe: Threefold. Josephine Allan, pno., Philippa Robinson, cl.
  • Salecich: Descent. Arcko Symphonic Project/Timothy Phillips.
  • Butterley: Laudes. Arcko Symphonic Project/Timothy Phillips.

  • 17th October

    Show Playlist
  • Adams: The Chairman Dances. City of Birmingham SO/Sir Simon Rattle.
  • Hindson: Technologic 135. Elektra String Quartet.
  • Lord: Concerto for group and orchestra. Jon Lord, voc., Darin Vasilev, gtr., Joe Bonamassa, gtr., Steve Morse, gtr., Steve Balsamo, vocals, Kasia Laska, vocals, Bruce Dickinson, vocals, Brett Morgan, drums, Guy Pratt, bass, Royal Liverpool PO/Paul Mann.
  • Ades: Asyla, Op.17. City of Birmingham SO/Sir Simon Rattle.
  • Kats-Chernin: After Dinner Rag, Get Well Rag & Cocktail Rag. Ian Munro, pno.
  • Gould: Boogie-Woogie Etude. Benjamin Grosvenor, pno.