Language is what fascinates Suzanne Smith. Spoken and written English; foreign languages (French, Italian and German) and literature; speeches listened to, read and occasionally given - and translating - all absorb her. She muses with a smile that, had she devoted as much time to reading other people's books as she has to writing lengthy diaries since the 1970s, she might be a very wise woman today.

Since graduating from Melbourne University with majors in French and English, Suzanne has been employed in various fields including translation, editing, teaching, and bilingual secretarial positions. But, whenever a choice had to be made between career and a new travel opportunity, travel won. She lived for some 16 years in England and has travelled widely in Europe as well as visiting South-East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

When a friend asked Suzanne if she had ever considered becoming a radio announcer, she realised she might enjoy this and applied to 3MBS for training. Although she did not initially know that our presenters are expected to select the music they play, she now finds this one of the best parts of the job, exploring our vast CD library and choosing music for Daybreak on Mondays and occasional other programs. Suzanne's acquaintance with classical music dates from childhood when her father played excerpts from Handel's Messiah every Sunday morning. Typically he would retreat to his workshop soon after the music began, leaving her with her mother to listen until the end. These days, Suzanne's fondness is for keyboard instruments (especially organ and harpsichord) and 'things that go twang' (guitar, harp, mandolin, lute and especially theorbo).

Suzanne has a subtle yet wicked sense of fun. She claims that the discipline involved in getting up very early and being seated in the studio by 5.30 in the morning for Daybreak every fortnight makes up for the 'irregularity' of her earlier life when she overindulged in the pleasures of travel and words.