Sam Alfreds migrated to Australia from Singapore where the only opera he was familiar with was Chinese opera, performed in the "Ghost Month" when the spirits of the dead leave the gates of Heaven and Hell to visit their earthly relatives. These spirits must be appeased and due homage paid, by food and entertainment, if their relatives are to live a peaceful life!

It was not until a posting in London when, out of curiosity, Sam attended a performance of Madam Butterfly at Covent Garden, and he was smitten, and driven to explore this wonderful experience that is opera. Now retired, Sam is able to indulge fully in his passion, sharing his enjoyment of opera for the past three years at U3A Hawthorn with a series of courses entitled "Enjoying Opera".

When the opportunity to present Vocal Chords came up in December 2016, he put up his hand and has since been enjoying putting the program together.