Born in England, Rodney emigrated to New Zealand in 1950 with his family. A very musical family he, at the age of 9, joined a children's choir. The choir conductor suggested he take singing lessons when his voice broke. Joining the local Operatic Society in the chorus he was soon singing leading tenor roles. With little professional work available Rodney returned to England in 1970 to work with The Black and White Minstrel Show. Arriving in Australia in 1974 Rodney joined the Victoria State Opera,as a chorister, singing with the company for 21 years.
Rodney was a founding Director of Melbourne Opera.
In 2014 he joined 3MBS as a Programmer, and member of the committee formed to present the radio documentary The VSO Story. Rodney has written and presented for Illuminations The Jussi Bjorling Story, The Maria Callas Story, The music of George Gershwin, George Mitchell, the magic behind the Minstrels, and, in 2018, The Life And Music of Puccini.
In 2017 he became the Executive Producer of the Illuminations programme.