A 'man or mouse' moment occurred for Peter Hume a few years ago. His work as an IT professional had taken him to a call centre, where they really understand voices. Lots of people commented that he sounded like a radio announcer. Peter began to think, why not? He chose the 'man' option and applied to 3MBS for broadcasting training.

He first went on air as a Night Owl from midnight to 2am, which he gained useful experience and had a pretty free hand to program according to his own tastes. A year or so later, an opportunity came up on Saturday Night Concert, now rejigged and renamed Great Makers of Music, and the spot became Peter's. It's one he very much enjoys, as do our listeners.

His musical knowledge, strictly of the amateur variety, was acquired over a lifetime. At school, he played the bagpipes and the bassoon and was inspired by the legendary and charismatic music educator, George Logie-Smith. Since then, he has always found a choir to sing in - Melbourne University Choral Society, the Astra Choir, The St. Edmundsbury Male Voice Choir, and currently the Mornington Peninsula Chorale. And he has listened for years to 3MBS, enjoying the quality and variety of the music and presenters.

Choral singing, broadcasting, gardening, participating in local community activities, travel and very ordinary golfing are just some of the irons Peter likes to keep in the fire all at once.