From good Yorkshire stock Nicky Gilderdale was born in the very beautiful city of York where Tudor buildings surround the magnificent York Minster, classed as the Mother Church of the north of England where people have worshipped since 627A.D.

She emigrated to Australia in 1983.

In 2000 Nicky applied to become a presenter with 3MBS and after completing the music test and voice audition, joined the MBS training programme. ‘I didn’t realise one had to programme as well, but this is the area I most enjoy.’

On Sunday afternoons one can very often find Nicky in the MBS Library, her petite face ensconced in headphones, selecting music for her Tuesday Intermezzo programme.

In her spare time Nicky enjoys travelling around Australia and overseas. She also enjoys a dabble in her garden, no doubt humming a few concerto and symphony movements while pruning the calceolaria!