Murray Vagg is a quietly determined individual. The disproportionate amount of air-time devoted to pop music, a lot of it third-rate, annoyed him, so he decided to help even things up. He volunteered at 3MBS to do his bit for classical music broadcasting. He also provides an annual scholarship to a 3rd year Singing student at the VCA.

Murray's childhood home in Shepparton was always full of classical music. His father was a fine singer and his mother a pianist, whose professional career gradually had to give way to looking after their large family. All the children learned to play an instrument. Murray's was the piano and his mother taught him. One of his sisters went on to sing in the Sydney Opera House and with the Song Company, as well as being Head of Singing at Newcastle University.

When Murray was able to spend 4 days a week, not 5, working in his own business, he volunteered at the station, first obliging us by working in the accounting section where his skills were most needed at the time, and then contacting people to appear on Tropic Island Discs, researching and organising the music they requested. He is now a trained music programmer and part of the Notturno team, who ensure that the music we broadcast 24 hours every day is thoughtfully selected with the listeners in mind and 3MBS never sleeps.

Murray says he has always had a sporty side and an arty side. When he worked as a banker, he travelled and played Australian Rules football with country and city clubs. He is present at most Melbourne games at the MCG - probably hoping for a return of the glory days when one of his brothers was a member of the 1964 Melbourne Premiership team.

Calligraphy is another of Murray's passions. He remembers admiring the excellent hand-writing of a senior banking colleague but it was not until his mother took a CAE calligraphy course, that he fully realised what a great art form it is - one he wanted to practise himself . He has recently completed a term as president of the Calligraphy Society of Victoria.