Margot Costanzo is one of our passionate presenters of opera related programs. She anchors the opera highlights program Vocal Chords each Saturday at 1pm, as well as producing and presenting opera specials. She was a person at the genesis of the award winning program "Countdown to The Ring". She qualified as a lawyer in 1980, having graduated from the University of Melbourne also with a degree in Arts majoring in Italian and German languages and literature.

Margot's cultural interests are broad. She is fascinated by the development of cultures and civilisations for which opera can be used as an enthralling focal point. She came to 3MBS in 2007 during the year of the volunteer, motivated by her great love of all fine music and her fear of things technical. Like all presenters Margot also operates the broadcasting panel for herself and is grateful for the opportunity to conquer this technical beast and the forbearance of her listeners her tolerate her "oops" moments in the studio.

Margot's operatic interests include Wagner and composers after the 20th century, how composers and librettists create a work and the historical place of opera in civilisation.

Hidden talents? You might be surprised to learn that she plays the recorder and is equally interested in early music.