Living and helping out on the family farm near Sunbury, riding horses around the district - that was Margot's life as a child. One day when she 13, she was scrubbing the floor, turned on the radio and heard classical music. What is that? It's lovely, she thought, and whenever her parents were out, she found that station again.

Margot's Dad did whistle and sing tunes from operetta, but the family were not keen on orchestral classics. However, they did see that Margot had piano lessons. She still plays, having heard an announcement on 3MBS inviting piano lovers of to come to St Francis Church in the city and play for their own and each others' enjoyment once a month and share a cup of tea. The participants include very accomplished players and others who have become a little rusty.
Margot and other members of the group also go to Williamstown where a member in her nineties lives and play on her fine Grand. From her secondary school days, Margot has been a keen concert-goer.

By 2007, Margot's children were grown up and she had more time to herself. Driving along one lunchtime, she heard an appeal for new volunteers at 3MBS. She went straight home and phoned us. Having completed the training course, she filled in on several programs and then regularly presented Saturday Night Live.

She can now be heard on Divertimento on Tuesdays. Other interests that Margot now has time to enjoy are painting, drawing and overseas travel, some of it to visit daughter and grandchildren living in Kent in the UK and her son and another grandson living in Pondicherry. Life is good.