Loretto Perkins was driving to work one morning, listening as usual to 3MBS, when she heard a request for people who would like to train as broadcasters. Such an idea had never occurred to her till then, but she thought she might enjoy it. Only four participants in her course - Susan Porter, Doug Beecroft, John van Bavel and Loretto – remain at the station. The gang of four became good friends. When a vacancy arose for 'Singers and Songs,' Loretto had her arm twisted. No singer herself, but an opera buff and a lover of good voices, she learned much more about singers and their repertoire during the 3 years that she programmed and presented it. It was during that time, that she became acquainted with the voice of Russian baritone, Dmitri Hvorostovsky and fell in love with it. So much so that she went to New York to hear him sing the role of Simon Boccanegra at the Metropolitan Opera. On her first morning in New York, she literally bumped into the great (and impossibly handsome) baritone, who stepped over a mound of snow right in front of her. A chat ensued. Pictures were taken. She brags that Dmitry was thrilled to meet a 3mbs presenter – tongue in cheek of course!

It was Ted Davies who urged Loretto to present Daybreak on Tuesdays. A nocturnal creature, she found this a big ask. By setting alarms on one or two clock- radios, two ipads and her phone, and staying awake most of the night waiting for them to go off, she has made it to the station before 5.30am every week so far. She even asked to continue on Daybreak when she was asked to anchor our Arts program fortnightly. She obviously likes a challenge. Researching and interviewing local and visiting artists for Arts Weekly has been both demanding and rewarding. Whenever possible, Loretto goes to theatre productions, fine art exhibitions and the like before they are featured on the program.

Loretto is appreciative of all the opportunities that 3MBS has brought into her busy life. Whether it be developing new skills in broadcasting, both in the studio and outside broadcasts, interviewing, compering or contributing to the occasional committee or working group – it’s all very rewarding.