Juliette is a self-confessed 'radio freak.' As a child in Mauritius, radio was her link with the outside world. Most people had no phone. She carried a heavy portable radio with a stout strap about the house and took it to bed with her to listen to the BBC's Top Ten, making the excuse to her parents that it was to help with learning English. Today, she still carries a portable radio, but these days it is tuned to classical music on 3MBS.

The island of Mauritius is strategically situated halfway between Europe and the Far East and was colonised by the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French and then the British. It is a richly culturally, racially and religiously diverse island. Juliette's ancestry was French and she grew up speaking French and the local creole. When she was 13 years old, her parents decided to emigrate to Australia to give their children a better future.

At 21, she refused the offer of a party, asking instead for the fare to Britain for a holiday. She stayed 9 years! There she met her English husband, with whom she returned to Melbourne. When their daughter was a teenager, Juliette took time from her work as an office administrator, to devote herself to the family. She was a keen 3MBS listener and decided to pop in in person to offer her services - to give herself an outside interest and keep up her admin skills. She was warmly welcomed. She has since worked here every week on the Reception Desk. She says that the reference she received from 3MBS helped her re-entry into the paid workforce. She has been with the same firm, as with 3MBS, for many years now.

Radio was the source of Juliette's love of music. Her French great-grandmother was a fine pianist, but her piano was sold when the family's finances ran low because her surgeon husband tended to treat those who could not afford to pay gratis.

Juliette's 'hidden talent' is not at all hidden from 3MBS volunteers. She makes the luscious cakes, which she regularly brings in to share.