"It's time to get involved, give back, do more" Joseph Barake said to himself a year or so ago. Joseph had first volunteered at 3MBS in 2013 and returned after a break in early 2018. Joseph had been a listener from the station's inception and enjoyed not only the music we play, but the information that the introductions and the programs provided on the lives of the composers. It has expanded his musical knowledge so much over the years.

The Marriage of Figaro was the first opera Joseph attended. It was on a school excursion and performed by the Elizabethan Trust Opera Company. He loved it and from then was hooked on opera and Mozart. His school also took Joseph to his first concert at the Town Hall. The MSO was conducted by George Tzpine, and Joseph remembers many of the details and the exhilaration he felt. A lifetime of concert and opera-going was to follow. Joseph studied singing seriously for four years. He says with a smile that he realised the world probably did not need another middling-good tenor. Design and the appreciation of music took over.

Joseph is not a man to avoid the big decision. He has a tendency to reach the top of tree in one field he really enjoys and then jump on to the lower branches of another, and … rise to the top of that as well. When he had been in an executive position in Visual Merchandising at one of Melbourne's biggest department stores for some years, he mentioned to a colleague that he did not enjoy it as much as when, 25 years before, he was a hands-on designer. She suggested he spend a weekend at a bed & breakfast and think about running one. What a hoot, he thought, but he did it and immediately knew he could and should do just that. Visions of silver service afternoon teas, champagne on arrival served of course in exactly the right ambience, sprang to his mind. And this could engage his interior design talents in an interesting way.

Nine years later, having moved to the country, where his B & B had been awarded the highest possible rating, he was tired. So on to restaurant management. And then to 3MBS, where he presents excellent introductions to the music he selects for the World of the Baroque. Joseph says classical music broadcasting is a joy and has given him a whole new lease of life. George, the sweet, perfectly mannered and most aesthetically pleasing cavoodle accompanies Joseph to the station and sits on his beautiful blanket while the music is playing.