Well goodness gracious me! We come across another medical gentleman volunteering at 3MBS & a Scot tae boot, being born in Glasgow.

John van Bavel came to 3MBS five years ago , wanting to utilise and develop his love of music . “I’m just a humble GP”. he says. I don’t think so! A very wicked sense of humour which I’m sure infected all his patients, lolling them into a true sense of security.

John has an eclectic taste in music which shows in his ‘Wednesday ‘Divertimento’ & Thursday ‘Intermezzo’ programmes. His favourites being Richard Strauss , Eric Korngold and organ music . He learned piano from the age of seven playing a diverse range of music.

Away from 3MBS he is a very keen weekly full-back ‘hockeyist’, [I’m sure that word does not appear in any dictionary, however maybe it should after seeing John play hockey] and family man with 7 grandchildren.