Jon Churchward was looking for new opportunities after completing 36-year career with the Commercial Bank Ltd/Westpac.

He was invited to come and visit 3MBS in 1992 by his old friend Henry Jamieson, a much-loved presenter from the station's very earliest days. Soon, Jon was in training as a programmer/presenter himself.

His first job was on Notturno. Attempts to record the program with the technology available in those days did not always go smoothly. Jon offered to present the program live two nights a week and did so for some years, during which time two other all-night presenters came on board.

On Saturday evenings, Henry Jamieson's Bach to Bernstein program included a very popular quiz segment. One night, 3 phone operators, including Jon, took 135 calls. One regular caller was Judith Blanchard -Hill. She was taking a writing course and came into the station to interview the General Manager for an assignment. (Or was it to put a face to the voice of the friendly telephonist?

History does not reveal.) Jon and Judith's 21st wedding anniversary occurs in November 2016. As a team, they have prepared and presented Much Ado About Midday, on which Jon was originally panel-operator for Jocelyn Terry. Including Daybreak, they have presented and/or filled in on a host of general and specialist programs from early music to jazz.

As if that wasn't enough, since 2003 they have jointly co-coordinated the rostering of presenters for the station. Judith now presents Divertimento and Jon operates the panel. Phew!

Jon was always a tinkerer with things technical and electronic. When he was young, he had a crystal set and could pick up 3 stations.

Theatre is another love. Jon sang Gilbert and Sullivan with the Babira Players. More recently, he was President of the Southern Peninsula Players, where he and Judith were backstage crew and Jon helped with lighting. They also had parts in the “Waldorf Salad” episode of Fawlty Towers.

He was also a member of the Australian Railway Historical Society and collects railway memorabilia. Jon remembers his 22 years in the Army Reserve, where held the rank of Captain, as enjoyable ones. That may explain his calm 'can-do' and 'always ready-to help' attitude.

At various times, John has also been on various committees including Training, Technical and Programming.