Once upon a time, a baby basket sat in the wings of a London theatre. Inside was tiny Jane Mitchell. Blessed even then with an innate sense of timing, she did not make a peep except between acts.

Jane comes from a long line of Music Hall and theatre folk and she first trod the boards herself at the ripe old age of two weeks. In her twenties she was already a veteran performer on the stage and television - in singing, dancing and dramatic roles. In my first TV role I played a body under a sheet in the morgue. I played it beautifully, except it was hard to stop giggling. A dalek killed her off prematurely on Dr Who.

Was it learning all those lines that gave Jane the phenomenal memory she has today? She can knock of the Saturday (hardest) cryptic cross-word in 20 minutes and once she's heard a piece of music, the details stay in that steel-trap mind. Hence her prolific, speedy programming, not only for herself, but for any other 3MBS presenter who needs a hand. No fuss. Easy peasy. As is filling in on air at a moment's notice. Improvising is second nature to Jane. And writing a hilarious station promotion or a musical parody for the 3MBS Christmas party in no time at all. She is our Jack Flash and number one 'go-to' person.

But it's for her beautifully balanced and presented Midday Miscellany programs that the listeners most appreciate clever Jane and ring her up each week with bouquets, surely, and never brickbats.