When not playing golf, the regular presenter of Thursday’s Concert Hall brings you some very listenable and diverse pieces to tickle your earbuds.

Melbourne born Elisabeth Giddy has lived in this city all her life.

She has a penchant for golf. “Although I enjoy my golf very much, I’m not very good. I do belong to a golf club and try to play twice a week and I’m hopefully improving. I have provided mad moments on the course for passing Kookaburras who seem to find my attempts at the game very amusing!" This being a very modest statement as a few years ago Elisabeth actually got a hole-in-one, then remembered she had failed to enter the ongoing competition, meaning that her ace was not recognised.

Elisabeth became involved with 3MBS approximately 14 years ago. “I became a subscriber to the radio station after enjoying the excellent and diverse range of music. In the station’s magazine then called ‘Libretto’ was a request for people to volunteer their services, this sounded interesting. I attended an interview, did a voice test and was invited to join a training course.”

She presented ‘Much Ado about Midday’ for quite a while choosing a huge range of lighter music.

Elisabeth admits to loving piano works & is very fond of the romantic era & for a while on a Saturday morning presented ‘The Romantics’ broadcast on digital, prior to switching to Thursday Concert Hall.