Bronwen joined 3MBS in 2017 to nurture a radio seed planted while listening as a child to Radio Australia in Bangladesh where her parents volunteered in the 1970s. She would call the cuckoo part of Haydn’s Toy Symphony from her bed and grew up on a healthy diet of hymn singing in church on Sundays.

Bronwen learnt the cello while at primary and high school in South Australia; however, she chose to pursue an Honours degree in Politics and Development Studies at university. After a short career in the Australian Public Service she worked as a Disability Adviser at three Australian universities.

She returned to study, completing a Bachelor of Music in cello performance, with Ruth Saffir and Niall Brown in Adelaide, and a Graduate Diploma in baroque cello in Sydney with Daniel Yeadon. Bronwen has taught the cello in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria and continues to play modern and baroque cello in Adelaide and Melbourne.

When not wandering through France, Bronwen presents Choral Masterworks on Sundays at 8pm, drawing on her choral and orchestral experience singing with The Way Consort and Elder Chorale in Adelaide and playing with the Sydney Philharmonia Chorus Orchestra. She also enjoys stepping in to present Morning Recital, Concert Hall and Chamber Music and Song whenever the opportunity arises.