Bill Mack was born in Lismore, Victoria and as a toddler recalls classical music being played on a ‘wind-up’ gramophone until electricity arrived at his house in 1952. The family then graduated to an LP record player. Also his mother taught him the piano. At the ripe old age of eight his father took him to his first concert, at the Camperdown Town Hall. It included Beethoven’s “Emperor” Concerto. ‘I can still remember the feeling of excitement, although I have no idea now what the performance was like.’ There was no local secondary school so Bill went to Geelong, where he was occasionally taken to concerts, including those of visiting 'stars' such as Victoria de los Angeles, whose stage presence was "electrifying". the Head of Music at his school was George Logie-smith, who inspired generations of students with his love of music. In May 2000 Bill decided to volunteer at 3MBS sitting the music test, then voice audition, both of which he passed and commenced the training sessions. His first programme as presenter was ‘Intermezzo’ which he co-presented with Nicky Gilderdale on Tuesday evenings. The first time one goes to air can be quite nerve racking and Bill, overcoming those nerves, continued on to ‘Melbourne in Concert’ on Sunday evenings eventually presenting ‘Morning Concert’ now ‘Morning Recital’ on Wednesdays. Bill has a particular interest in the composers of the Russian Soviet era, especially Shostakovich and Prokofiev, and devised two episodes of "Illuminations" celebrating their quiet heroism in continuing to compose in spite of official condemnation.