Programmer/Digital Music Library/Music Library Administration/Program guide proof readers

Anne Bellew is a true Aussie girl born in Hawthorn. In her formative years she was a pianist & singer.

Her extensive musical knowledge stood her in good stead when she applied for a position with the ABC. For very many years her expertise as Radio Producer & Programmer echoed around those ABC corridors & on the airwaves.

Twelve years ago, after leaving the ABC, Anne volunteered her services to MBS. She was snapped up immediately.

Anne originally thought she might like to chance her arm on the other side of the microphone to announce the programmes she would expertly prepare. However on second thoughts she decided that her first love, programming for other announcers, would be a better option.

Anne prepares programmes for Notturno & a monthly Intermezzo programme on Tuesday from 4pm to 7pm for Nicky Gilderdale. She is also a valued member of the MBS library team with a variety of tasks including deciding which CDs will be accepted into the library system & caring for over twenty thousand discs.

Anne has an excellent ear for accents frequently breaking into a witty diatribe in Irish, Russian or you name it………very interesting!

Jane Mitchell.