Presenter / Programmer / Bundler

Alan Marshall grew up in the Salvation Army, but has very catholic tastes in music. Traditional and modern jazz, swing, folk, choral music and classical works from the Medieval era to the 20th century all have a place in his collection of well over two thousand CDs. He does draw the line, however, at the atonal and the minimalists.

But back to the beginning. As a young person, Alan played most of the lower brass instruments in Salvation Army bands for several years. He also learned the piano a bit, and is thinking of taking it up again as a post-retirement challenge. It is a source of wonderment to him that neither his wife nor three children has the least interest in music. But each to his own. And Alan is enjoying 3MBS, where he programs and presents Saturday Night Late.

"People here are trained really well, with class room sessions and buddying over three months before going to air. It's great that we choose our own music within the program guidelines. I enjoy mixing with others volunteering their time in a highly community-oriented organisation which puts back into the Melbourne music world."

Alan has also obliged by sharing the expertise gained in a career which included working as a mathematician, an economist, an industrial relations specialist in Melbourne and London and a financial strategist for Australia Post with 3MBS.