1. That the 3MBS Principles of Volunteering set out in the Policies and Procedures Handbook form part of this Agreement.
  2. That this agreement will operate from the later date on which either party signs it, unless:
  3. the Volunteer, during training and an initial 90-day probation period beyond training, is found to be unsuitable for the role specified above
  4. the Volunteer resigns as a Volunteer
  5. the General Manager for cause and after due process revokes the Volunteer’s status as a volunteer; or if such status is suspended, this Agreement will be suspended for the same period
  6. at any time after twelve months, the General Manager, at sole discretion, requires that a new agreement be entered into.


  1. 3MBS will provide training opportunities relevant to the Volunteer’s duties as set out in the relevant Responsibility Statement(s).
    1. 3MBS will use its best endeavours to ensure that the station provides is a safe and healthy work place, committed to the principles of equal opportunity.
    1. 3MBS will provide all necessary equipment and facilities to enable the Volunteer to perform the duties set out in the relevant Responsibility Statement(s) and use its best endeavour to ensure that such equipment and facilities are in good working order.
    1. 3MBS will ensure that up-to-date versions of all 3MBS policies, rules and related documents (including Position Descriptions for volunteers) are readily available to all volunteers at the station premises.
    1. 3MBS will provide opportunities for all Volunteers to be involved in the administration of 3MBS. The station will convene regular meetings of Volunteers with the purposes of: a) keeping Volunteers informed of matters relevant to their duties, and b) providing a forum for Volunteers to raise matters of concern.


  1. I have read and understand my responsibilities as a volunteer and 3MBS responsibilities towards me.
  2. I will comply with the relevant Responsibility Statement(s) (as issued by the 3MBS from time to time) for the position(s) for which I have been trained.
  3. I will comply with all policies, rules and related decisions promulgated by the General Manager as delegate of the Board on the conduct of 3MBS business processes, access to station premises, use of station equipment and property, strategic planning, risk management, Occupational Health and Safety and any other matter relevant to the operations of 3MBS.
  4. I accept that 3MBS will take every care with recorded material or personal property brought into the station or left by me at the station but understand that 3MBS cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage.
  5. I will treat supporters, callers to the station, other volunteers, guests of the station, staff and management with consideration and respect.
  6. I will not make adverse public comment on the operation of 3MBS or on any staff member or volunteer or equipment.
  7. I will treat station information, equipment, facilities and property carefully and will report any equipment damage or failure to the General Manager or other nominated officer as soon as practicable.
  8. I will use station equipment and facilities only for the purpose or purposes for which such equipment and facilities have been provided.
  9. I will not remove station equipment or property (including Compact Discs and other recorded material) except in accordance with a written policy promulgated by 3MBS or in accordance with a specific decision of the General Manager.
  10. I will not make commercial representations on behalf of 3MBS, to any person or organisation without prior written authority from the General Manager.
  11. I accept 3MBS grievance procedures, as set out in the 3MBS Policies and Procedures Handbook that form part of this Agreement, as the appropriate avenue for conflict resolution. I recognise the role of 3MBS committees in relation to the administration of the station and agree to cooperate with those Committees in the performance of their duties.
  12. I will use my best endeavours to attend meetings of volunteers and to avail myself of relevant training opportunities provided by 3MBS.
  13. I undertake to advise the station of any changes to my personal contact details and the details of my emergency contacts.
  14. In the event that I decide to take extended leave (6 months or more), am no longer available or resign I undertake to inform the General Manager in writing.
  15. If I resign or for any reason seek re-engagement as a volunteer, I understand that as a prerequisite, a written application must be submitted to the General Manager, and if accepted, I will be required to enter into a new agreement and undertake any necessary retraining.