Subscribers are 3MBS listeners who believe in the importance of supporting the broadcasting and recording activities of Melbourne’s only fine music community radio station by making a financial contribution to its future.

In return you’ll get a subscriber card, On-Air program guide, chance to enter CD of the Week and Box Set of the Month and invitations to events, exclusive for 3MBS Subscribers.

Classic  $85

This is our most popular subscription option.

Passionate  $150 

This comprises a subscription of $85, and a $65 tax deductible donation.

Super  $250 

This comprises a subscription of $85, and a $165 tax deductible donation.

Concession (Pension/Health Card holders)  $60
Our subscription level for those who are Pensioners, Health Care Card holders, under 35 years old or working musicians.

035 Club (Tertiary Students and Individuals Under 35)   $60

Musos (all practising musicians)   $60

Classic Kids (Children 15 years & under)   $30
For the youngest listeners, here is a special entry level subscription for Children 15 years and under.

Life Subscription  $5,000

This is a once off payment to become a 3MBS Subscriber for life. It comprises of a Subscriptions component of $850 and a tax deductible donation of $4150.

Monthly Subscription  (credit card deduction ) $8
If convenience is your priority, become a monthly subscriber and never forget to renew again. Your monthly subscription will simply be deducted from your credit card.

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  • Subscription  (035 Club, 35 Musos, Classic, Classic Kids, Concession, Lifetime, Passionate, Monthly)  —  From: $30.00 for 1 year

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