Over 42 years 3MBS has built a trusted reputation for quality broadcasting in Melbourne, with a monthly audience of 377,000 listeners (McNair Ingenuity Research July 2017) and 3000 loyal subscribers. 3MBS can tailor a package to suit your needs with radio announcements on our FM and Digital channels, we also have our Weekly E*News Bulletins – 4500 recipients and ‘On Air’ the 3MBS program guide magazine which is produced monthly. Additionally, 3MBS is also part of the MBS Network, Fine Music stations including Fine Music 102.5 in Sydney, 4MBS in Brisbane and 3MBS in Melbourne have joined forces to reach 433,000 listeners per week. For more details on sponsorship options for Victoria or through our MBS Network, contact Con Kalamaras on (03) 9416 1035 or by emailing sponsorship@3mbs.org.au