A spotlight on music of the Baroque period, from mid-16th to late18th centuries, including instrumental and vocal works both sacred and secular (tavern as well as court).

1st August

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  • "A Baroque Bestiary"
  • Handel: (Lion) Aria from Arianna in Creta,HWV32, Angelika Kirchschlager, m-sop. Kammerorchester Basel/ Laurence Cummings, cond.
  • Handel: (Snake) Aria from Giulio Cesare,HWV17, 'L'angue offeso mai riposa'.Joyce Di Donato, m-sop. Les Talens Lyriques/ Christophe Rousset, cond.
  • Handel: (Tiger) Aria from Alcina,HWV34, 'Sta nell'Ircana pietrosa tana'. Ann Murray, m-sop. Orch. of the Age of Enlightenment/ Sir Charles Mackerras, cond.
  • Handel, George Frederic: (The Cuckoo and the Nightingale) Organ Concerto No.13 in F. Nicholas Parle, org. London Baroque/Charles Medlam.
  • Handel: (Silver Dove), Aria from Theodora HWV68, 'O that I on wings could rise'. Karina Gauvin, sop. Il Complesso Barocco/ Alan Curtis, cond.
  • Handel, George Frederic: (Dove), Aria from Acis and Galatea, HWV49. 'As when the Dove', Sophie Daneman, sop. Les Arts Florissants/William Christie.
  • Handel, George Frederic: (Silver Dove), Aria from Deidamia, HWV42.'Nasconde l'usignol', Simone Kermes, sop. Il Complesso Barocco/Alan Curtis.
  • Telemann: (The Frogs),Violin Concerto in A major TWV51:A4, Elizabeth Wallfisch, vln. & dir. L'Orfeo Baroque.
  • Rameau: (Nightingale) Aria from Hippolyte et Arice, 'Rossignols amoureaux'. Carolyn Sampson, sop. Ex Cathedra/ Jeffrey Skidmore, cond.
  • Handel: (Elephant), Aria from Judas Maccabaeus HWV63. 'With honour let desert be crowned'. Ryland Davies, ten. ECO/ Sir Charles Mackerras, cond.
  • Handel: (Stag), Aria from Ottone,HWV15. 'Cervo altier'. Max Emanuel Cencic, c/ten. Il Pomo D'Oro/ George Petrou, cond.
  • Handel: (Phoenix), Aria from Admeto, HWV22, 'Lo son qual fenice'. Karina Gauvin, sop. Il Complesso Barocco/ Alan Curtis, dir.
  • Telemann: (Swans, Frogs, Crows), from the Alster Suite TWV55:F11. Rundfunk Sinfonie Orch. Leipzig/ Wolf-Dieter Hauschild, cond.
  • Couperin, Francois: (Gnats), Le moucheron. Max Cooke, hpschd.
  • Handel: (Bee) Aria from Berenice, HWV38, Vedi l'ape'. John McMaster, ten. Brewer Chamber Orch./ Rudolph Palmer, cond.
  • Handel: (Moth) Aria from Partenope, HWV27, 'Qual Farfalletta'. Rosemary Joshua, sop. Early Opera Company/ Christian Curnyn, dir.

  • 25th July

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    18th July

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    11th July

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    4th July

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    27th June

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    20th June

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  • From the Baroque Archives
  • Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb: Sonata da Camera for traverse flute, 2 oboe d'amore & b.c. Op.3 No. 3. Mika Putterman, flute. Christopher Palameta, Washington McClain, oboe d'amore. Erin Helyard, h'chord.
  • Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb: Sinfonia for strings. Ioana Tache, vln., Kristian Winther, vln. Melbourne CO/William Hennessy.
  • Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb: Sonata da Camera in E minor, Op.5B for Oboe d'amore, 2 violas & b.c. Christopher Palameta, oboe d'amore. Helene Plouffe, Kathleen Kajioka, violas, Erin Helyard, h'chord.
  • Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb: Quintett in D major for Traverse flute, Violin, Oboe, Cello and B.C. Barthold Kuijken, flute. Janneke v.d.Meer, vln. Paul Dombrecht, oboe. Richte v.d.Meer, cello. Johan Huys, h'chord.
  • Stamitz JW: Orchestral Trio in C, Op.1/1. New Zealand CO/Donald Armstrong.
  • Stamitz JW: Motet: O salutaris hostia. Monika Frimmer, sop. Alsfelder Vocal Ensemble, Bremen Baroque Orch/Wolfgang Helbich.
  • Stamitz, J.W: Violin Sonata No. 6, Op. 6 in B flat major. Stephan Schardt, violin. Michael Behringer, h'chord
  • Stamitz JW: Loreto Litany. Harry van Berne, ten., Monika Frimmer, sop., Sylvia Schluter, alto, Tom Sol, bass Alsfelder Vocal Ensemble, Bremen Baroque Orch/Wolfgang Helbich.

  • 13th June

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  • "Baroque Unlocked"
  • Barsanti, Francesco: Concerto Grosso in D major Op. 3 No. 4 Ensemble Marsyas/ Peter Whelan, dir.
  • Zani, Andrea: Cello Concerto No. 10 in F major WD794 Martin Rummel, cello. Die Kolner Akademie/ Michael Alexander Willens, cond.
  • Prinz von Sachsen-Weimar, Johann Ernst: Concerto No. 2 inA Op.1. Anne Schumann, vln. Sebastian Knebel, h'chord. Ensemble,"Fursten-Musik".
  • Anon: Magnificat for soli, coro, violini & b.c.. Laura Antonaz, sop. Marco Piretta, bass. Gabriella Martellacci, alto. Capella Musicale di San Grato. Ensemble Vocale strumentale/ Teresio Colombotto, dir.
  • Veracini, Francseco Maria: Sonata VII in A major. L'Arte del'Arco/ Federico Guglielmo, solo vln & dir.
  • Caldara: Sonata V in A minor. Ensemble La Fidelissima.
  • Agnesi, Maria Teresa: Aria for Soprano, Strings & Continuo. "Son confusa pastorella". Elena De Simone, sop. Ensemble Il Mosaico.
  • Porta, Giovanni: Sinfonia for Trumpet, strings & B.C. in D. Simon Munday, trumpet. La Serenissima/ Adrian Sherpherd, dir.
  • Carissimi: Vittoria, mio core. Nathalie Stutzmann, contr & dir. Orfeo 55.
  • Parisotti, Alessandro: Se tu m'ami. Nathalie Stutzmann, contr. & dir. Orfeo 55.
  • Cavalli,Francesco: Delizie, contenti che l'alma beate. Nathalie Stutzmann, contr. & dir. Orfeo 55.
  • Pollarollo, Carlo Francesco: Sinfonia to,'La vendetta d'amore' for trumpet & strings in C. Simon Munday, trumpet. La Serenissima/ Adrian Chandler, dir.
  • Ristori, Giovanni Alberto: Missa in C major. Heidi Maria Taubert, sop. David Erier, alto. Andreas Post, ten. Cornelius Uhle, bass. Sachsches Vocalensemble. Batzdorfer Hofkapelle/ Matthias Jung, dir.

  • The World of Baroque is proudly sponsored by Genesis Baroque; a critically acclaimed baroque chamber orchestra based in Melbourne. Led by renowned baroque violinist, Lucinda Moon, the ensemble comprises some of Australia’s finest period musicians.