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Lesser-known works by well-known composers – plus hidden gems from our music library. From different genres, traditions and times, expect the unexpected!

Ashleigh Robertson

Ariel Valent

13th January

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  • Paul Stanhope: Geography songs. Sydney Chamber Choir/Paul Stanhope.
  • Anton Rubinstein: Symphony No.2 in C, Op.42 - "Ocean". Slovak PO/Stephen Gunzenhauser.
  • Max Bruch: Eight pieces, Op.83/5&8 Robert Chamberlain, pno., Marina Marsden, vln., Justine Marsden, vla.

  • 6th January

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  • Eve Duncan: Four Blackboard Pieces. Danae Killian, pno., Silo String Quartet. 1) Dissolving Atoms: Freedom & Love 2) Wisdom, will, Love 3) The Arc of the Day 4) Why People Love the Rose
  • Nikolai Myaskovsky: Symphony No. 6 in E flat minor, 'Revolutionary', Op.23. Slovak RSO, Slovak Opera chorus/Robert Stankovsky.
  • Strephen Leek: Great Southern Spirits: Four Songs. Ralph Morton, org., Australian Voices Youth Choir/Graeme Morton.

  • 30th December

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  • Willem van Otterloo: Symphietta for Winds. Seven on Emerald Hill/John Hopkins.
  • Arnold Schoenberg: Four Songs, Op.2. Hanna Crisp, m-sop., Amanda Hodder, pno.
  • Ernest Farrar: The Forsaken Merman, Op.20. Philharmonia Orch/Alasdair Mitchell.
  • Gemma Turvey: Solitude (in Memory of Arthur Boyd). New Palm Court Orch/Gemma Turvey.
  • Katy Abbott: Trk 1) This Is My Home-Text: Keith Abbott Trk 3) Eyes-Text: Jerusha Sheffer Trk 4) The Path to Your Door-Text: Michael Leunig Methodist Ladies College (Sydney) Senior Chamber Choir, MLC CO/Ian Munns.
  • Reinhold Gliere: Harp Concerto in E flat, Op.74. Alice Giles, harp, Adelaide SO/David Porcelijn.

  • 23rd December

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  • Riccardo Drigo (arr. Lanchbery): Le Corsaire - Pas de Deux. English Concert Orch/Richard Bonynge.
  • Robert Schumann: Five Poems by Justinus Kerner. Geoffrey Parsons, pno., Thomas Hampson, bar.
  • Georges Bizet: Symphony in C, 'Roma'. Melbourne SO/John Lanchbery.
  • Percy Grainger: Youthful Suite. Sydney SO/John Hopkins.
  • Alfred Hill (arr. Scott Stiles): Piano Trio in A minor. Salzburg Piano Trio. Vln: Scott Stiles (Australian) Vcl: Caroline Moldaschi Pno: Angelika Schopper

  • 16th December

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  • Isaac Nathan (arr. Mackerras): Overture: Don John of Austria. Sydney SO/Sir Charles Mackerras.
  • Hakon Borresen: Symphony No.1 in C minor, Op.3. RSO of Saarbrucken/Ole Schmidt.
  • Don Banks: Sequence for solo cello. David Pereira, vlc.
  • Various: Australian medley. Australian Girls Choir.
  • Colin Brumby: South Bank Overture. Queensland SO/Werner Andreas Albert.
  • Eric Gross: Concerto for Alto Trobone and Concert Band, Op.236. Greg van der Struik, tbn., University of Newcastle Wind Orch/Ian Cook.

  • 9th December

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  • Alonso Lobo: Motets. Tallis Scholars/Peter Phillips.
  • Ernest Bloch: Symphony in C Sharp minor. Slovak PO/Stephen Gunzenhauser.
  • Anton Rubinstein (arr. Carlos Salzedo): Melody in F, Op.3/1. Alice Giles, Australian harpist
  • Rubinstein: Valse-caprice in E flat. Leslie Howard, Australian pianist.
  • Rubinstein: Romance in E flat, Op.44/1. Ignace Friedman, Legenday Polish piano virtuoso.
  • Rubinstein: Etude in C, Op.23/2. Mischa Levitzki, Ukrainian-born American pianist.
  • Anton Rubinstein (arr. Larry Sitsky): Suite for wind quintet. Canberra Wind Soloists.
  • Peter Sculthorpe: Into the Dreaming. David Pereira, vlc.

  • 2nd December

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  • Henry VIII (arr. Howarth): Suite "Rose without a Thorn". Philip Jones Brass Ensemble/Philip Jones.
  • Humble: Cabaret Songs (selection). Rohan Murray, pno., Jessica Aszodi, sop.
  • Sibelius: Symphony No.5 in E flat, Op.82. Adelaide SO/Arvo Volmer.
  • Corey Theatre: Palapitj-ngu, Kaloyn-I (The Six Seasons, from cold to hot). Archie Roach & Corey Theatre, voices., Joe Chindamo, kybd., Strings of the Spring Festival - Sarah Curro, principal violin, St Patrick's & Consolidated Schools Choir.
  • Reger: Serenade in D for flute, violin & viola, Op.77a. Ensemble Variante ~ Sylvie Leprohon, fl ; Mark Drummond, vln ; Gabrielle Halloran, vla
  • Bach: Concerto for oboe and violin in C minor, BWV1060. Anne Gilby, oboe, Elizabeth Sellars, vln., Melbourne Musicians/Frank Pam.

  • 25th November

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  • Mily Balakirev: Symphony No.1 in C. Royal PO/Sir Thomas Beecham. 1) Largo-Allegro vivo-Alla breve-Piu animato 2) Scherzo (Vivo-Poco meno mosso-Coda) 3) Andante 4) Fiunale (Allegro moderato-Tempo di polacca)
  • Trevor Jones: Sunburnt Country. The Vocal Consort - Male Voices/Noel Ancell.
  • Otterloo: Symphietta for Winds. Seven on Emerald Hill/John Hopkins.
  • Brett Dean: Viola Concerto. Brett Dean, vla., Sydney SO/Simone Young.

  • 18th November

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  • Gershwin: Cuban Overture. Heidelberg SO/Christopher Kopke.
  • Haydn: Piano Trio in C, Hob.XV:27. Streeton Trio.
  • Rameau: Dardanus, excerpts. Orch of the Antipodes/Antony Walker.
  • Rimsky-Korsakov: Symphony No.1 in E Minor, Op.1. Bergen PO/Dmitri Kitajenko.
  • Cavalli: Giasone. Baritone - Adrian McEniery (Delfa), Orch of the Antipodes/Erin Helyard.
  • Cavalli: Giasone. Adrian McEniery, bar. (Delfa) Orch of the Antipodes/Erin Helyard.
  • Mills: Soundscapes for Percussion & Orchestra. Richard Mills, perc., Queensland SO/Werner Andreas Albert.
  • Marshall-Hall: Adagio sostenuto from Symphony in C Minor. Queensland Theatre Orch/Warren Bebbington.