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A showcase of music for brass featuring the best brass bands from Australia and overseas.

Since its formation in 1890, The Salvation Army MSB has been at the forefront of Salvation Army music making in Australia and beyond distinguishing itself in performances across Australia and overseas, including London's Royal Albert Hall, the forecourt of Buckingham Palace and Disneyland’s Main St.

17th February

Show Playlist
  • Bach (arr. Allen): Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring. Fine Arts Brass Ensemble.
  • Downie: Majesty - Variations on "Jesus the Name High Over All". Salvation Army International Staff Band/Dr Stephen Cobb.
  • Downie: Slater's Song. Salvation Army Melbourne Staff Band /Ken Waterworth.
  • Graham/ Loveland (arr. Ian Jone)\ You Raise Me Up Melbourne Veteren'"s Band
  • Saint-Saens (arr. Norbury): Symphony No.3 in C minor, Op.78, Organ, finale. Dr Rudolf Zuiderveld, org., Chicago Staff Band.
  • Ulverus, and Andersson (arr. Blythe) Anthem from Chess Enfield Citadel Band/Jonathon Corry
  • Bach (arr. Farr): Toccata in D minor, BWV913. Chicago Staff Band/William Himes.
  • Elgar (arr. Retford): Pomp and Circumstance March in D, Op.39/1. Grenadier Guards Band/Lt. Col. Rodney Bashford.
  • Handel (arr. Harty/Holt): Water Music: Finale. The Fairey Band /Kenneth Dennison.
  • Medley of Love Songs Varios Composers

  • 10th February

    Show Playlist
  • JS Bach (arr, Roy Newsome) Sleepers awake (Wachet auf) Black Dyke Band/Nicholous Childs
  • Rimmer (arr. Sleith): The Australasian. Fairey Band/Mark Peacock.
  • Wagner R (arr. Himes): Lohengrin: Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral. Salvation Army International Staff Band/Dr Stephen Cobb.
  • Manuel de Falla Arr. Alan Fernie The Millers Dance Black Dyke Band/Nicholous Childs
  • Bacharach (arr. Stephens): Alfie. Richard Davies, flugelhorn, Cory Band/Phillip Harper.
  • Hummel (arr. Post): Trumpet Concerto in E, 3rd mvt.. Steve Stewart, cornet, Cory Band/Phillip Harper.
  • Rossini (arr. Howard Lorriman La gazza Ladra (The Theivish Magpie) Black Dyke Band/Nicholous Childs
  • Widor (arr. Corley): Symphony No.5 in F minor, Op.42/1: Toccata. Salvation Army Melbourne Staff Band /Ken Waterworth.
  • Tchaikovsky (arr. Childs): 1812 Overture, Op.49. Grimethorpe Colliery Band/Robert B. Childs.

  • 3rd February

    Show Playlist
  • RossiniGioachio Rossini (arr. Peter Parkes) An Italia Girl in Algiers Black Dyke Mills Band/ John Foster
  • Langworthy: Regeneration. International Staff Band/Dr Stephen Cobb.
  • Lloyd Webber (arr. Catherall): Memory. Peter Roberts, cornet, Yorkshire Building Society Band.
  • Massenet (arr. Brand): Thais - Meditation. Alan Wycherley, cornet, Fairey Band.
  • Mozart (arr. Kenyon): Overture - Magic Flute, K620. Enfield Citadel Band/Jonathan Corry.
  • Sparke: Saint-Saens Variations. Cory Band/Robert B. Childs.
  • Creamer: For the World. John Collinson, cornet, Salvation Army Melbourne Staff Band /Ken Waterworth.
  • Webb (arr. Gates): Come Into Our World. Brett Baker, tbn., New York Staff Band/Ronald Waiksnoris.

  • 27th January

    Show Playlist
  • Price: Mists on the River Wear. Joseph Cook, tuba, Black Dyke Band/Nicholas J. Childs.
  • Vaughan Williams: Prelude on Three Welsh Hymn Tunes. Cory Band/Robert B. Childs.
  • Sparke: Hymn of the Highlands: Dundonnell. Foden's Band/Michael Fowles.
  • Various (arr. Howarth): The Earl of Oxford's March/King John's Hunting Jig. Leyland Band/Phillip Harper.
  • Ireland (arr. Robson): Love Unknown. Foden's Band/Michael Fowles.
  • Norbury: Variations on "Maccabeus". Salvation Army International Staff Band/Dr Stephen Cobb.
  • Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet, Op.64 - Excerpts. Eikanger-Bjorsvik Musikklag/Bjarte Engeset. (Montagues and Capulets) Pr
  • Beethoven (arr. Snell): Symphony No.7 in A, Op.92: Allegro con brio. Foden's Band/Michael Fowles.

  • 20th January

    Show Playlist
  • Merritt: The Canadian. Black Dyke Band/Nicholas J. Childs.
  • Hogg: All Your Anxiety. Salvation Army Melbourne Staff Band /Ken Waterworth.
  • Traditional (arr. Ballantine): 'Mid all the traffic. Fountain City Brass Band/Joseph Parisi.
  • Parry (arr. Graham): Dear Lord and Father of Mankind. Grimethorpe Colliery Band/Phillip McCann.
  • MacLean (arr. Duncan): The Gael. Fountain City Brass Band/Joseph Parisi.
  • Mozart: Overture - Marriage of Figaro. Gothenburg Brass Band/Nicholas J. Childs.
  • Mercury) Arr. Frank Bernaerts) The Show Must Go On Grimethorpe Colliery Band/Garry Cutt
  • Mercury (arr. Barry): Bohemian Rhapsody. Paris Brass Orch/Jacques Bolognesi.
  • May (arr. Harper): Who Wants to Live Forever. Leyland Band/Phillip Harper.
  • Shostakovich (arr. Broadbent): The Gadfly, Op.97a: Romance. Foden's Band/Michael Fowles.
  • Jerry herman (arr. Klaaus van der Woude, and Ray Woodfield) Hello Dolly The Tredegar Town Band/ Nicholas Childs The Tredegar Town Band/Nicholas Childs

  • 13th January

    Show Playlist
  • Fine Music from 3MBS, Classically Melbourne..
  • Suppe: The Beautiful Galathea overture. Black Dyke Mills Band, David Hurst
  • Fucik (arr. Price): Florentine March, Op.214. Grimethorpe Colliery Band/Robert B. Childs.
  • Ball: September Fantasy. Lesley Howie, horn. Black Dyke Band, Nicholas Childs.
  • Gullidge: Emblem of the Army. Salvation Army Melbourne Staff Band.
  • Curnow: A Psalm of Praise. Yorkshire Building Society Band, David King.
  • Coates: Knightsbridge March. Fairey Band, Kenneth Davidson.
  • Condon: Celestial Morn. Leslie Condon, tuba. International Staff Band, Bernard Adams.
  • Leoncavello (arr. Gordon Langford): Mattinata. Phillip McCann, cornet. Sellers Engineering Band, Roy Newsome.
  • Herman: Mack and Mabel - overture. Brighouse & Rastrick Band, Alan Withington.
  • Howarth: Barney's Tune. Grimethorpe Colliery Band/Elgar Howarth.

  • 6th January

    Show Playlist
  • Steadman-Allen: Evening Hymn. New York Staff Band/ Ronald Waiksnoris.
  • Rustichelli (arr. Vertommen): Kyrie. Peter Roberts, cornet, Brass Band Buizingen.
  • Shostakovich (arr. Verhaert): The Gadfly, Op.97, excerpts. Royal Concertgebouw Orch Brass/Ivan Meylemans.
  • Norbury (arr. Ballantine): Gaudete!. Salvation Army International Staff Band /Dr Stephen Cobb.
  • Dvorak (arr. Langford): Rusalka: Song to the Moon. Rob Westacott, cornet, Grimethorpe Colliery Band/James Gourlay.
  • Venables: Break Out. Jamie Smith, euphonium, Craig Downes, euphonium, Salvation Army Melbourne Staff Band /Ken Waterworth.
  • Bizet (arr. Richards): The Pearl Fishers: In the depths of the temple. David Thornton, euphonium, John French, euphonium, Black Dyke Mills Band/Nicholas J. Childs.
  • Mozart (arr. Kenyon): Overture - Magic Flute, K620. Enfield Citadel Band/Jonathan Corry.
  • Graham: Phoenix. Brighouse and Rastrick Band/David King.

  • 30th December

    Show Playlist
  • Handel (arr. Simon Wright) Music for the Royal Fireworks The London Trumpet Sound
  • Franz von Suppe (arr. Howard Lorriman): Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna Black Dyke Band/Nicholas Childs
  • JohannStrauss9arr. Gregor J Grant Kiserwalzer (the Emperor Waltz The Black Dyke Mills Band/James Watson
  • Thunder and Lightning Polka (arr. Frank Wright) Thunder and Lightking Polka The Black Dyke Mills Band/James Watson
  • Grieg (arr. Cortland): Grieg's Morning Mood. Brass Band Willebroek/Frans Violet.
  • Daniel auber (arr. Frank Write The Black Domino Black Dyke Mills Band Major Peter Parkes
  • Irwin (arr. Squibb): Up Yonder Salvation Army Melbourne Staff Band /Ken Waterworth.
  • Cammile Saint Seans: (arrl Sandy Smith) Baccjanale from Samson and Delilah
  • Lehar: Gold and Silver Waltz, Op.79. Grimethorpe Colliery Band/James Gourlay.