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A review of the latest classical recordings.

18th August

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  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: Partita in D, BWV828. Federico Colli, pno.
  • Beethoven, Ludwig van: An die ferne Geliebte, Op.98. Simon O'Neill, ten., Terence Dennis , pno.

  • 11th August

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  • Caroline Shaw Attaca Quartet- Orange Ritornelo

  • 4th August

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  • Romance Isata Kanneh Mason Schumann Piano Concerto
  • Westlake Oboe Concerto

  • 28th July

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  • Joshua Redman, Come what may, & vast
  • Swallows & Swans Swallows feat. Kristen Beradi
  • Spanish Miniatures Sor-Lesson in A minor Albeniz - Malllorca Albeniz - Asturias
  • Bryan Ferry The Jazz Age Avalon and Slave to Love

  • 21st July

    No available playlist

    14th July

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  • Chesapeake The Music of David Sampson The American Brass quintet Just Keep Moving
  • Sonaquifer Music for Solo Viola Gloria Justen

  • 7th July

    No available playlist

    30th June

    No available playlist