Enjoy the ambience of a Melbourne concert, recorded live by our volunteer sound engineers and presented in full, featuring talented local artists, ensembles and orchestras.

Stewart Kelly
Teddy Murray

19th January

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  • Romance & Revolution: Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra - Christopher Kopke (cond), Jack Schiller (bsn); Performing Arts Centre, Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School; 29/6/2019. (Recorded for 3MBS by Michael Conolan/Hofland Music)
  • Gould, Morton: Star-Spangled Overture
  • Hummel, Johann: Bassoon Concerto in F: Romanza and Rondo (Jack Schiller, bsn)
  • Elgar, Sir Edward: Romance in D minor, Op.62
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Symphony No.35 in D, K.385 - Haffner
  • Williams, John: Star Wars
  • Williams, John: The Empire Strikes Back: The Imperial March

  • 12th January

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  • Bach & Mozart; The Melbourne Musicians: Frank Pam (cond), Justin Kenealy (sax), Lorenzo Iannotti (ten), Anne Harvey-Nagl (vln), Sally Clarke (vla); St Johns Southbank; 14/7/2109. (Recorded for 3MBS by Steve Bullock)
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV1041 arr. Justin Kenealy (sax)
  • Schubert, Franz: Ave Maria, D839, Op.52/6 (Lorenzo Iannotti, ten)
  • Giordani, Tommaso: Caro mio ben (Lorenzo Iannotti, ten)
  • Di Capua, Eduardo: O sole mio (Lorenzo Iannotti, ten)
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: Violin Concerto in E, BWV1042 arr. Justin Kenealy (sax)
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Sinfonia Concertante in E flat, K364 (Anne Harvey-Nagl, vln; Sally Clarke, vla)
  • Halvorsen, Johan: Passacaglia in G minor, after Handel's Keyboard Suite, HWV432
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Sinfonia Concertante in E flat, K364: Presto

  • 5th January

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  • Echoes of the Celts: La Compana with Lotte Betts-Dean (soprano) and directed by Danny Lucin; 2018 Organs of the Ballarat Goldfields Festival; Mary's Mount Centre, Loretto College Ballarat; 13/1/2018. (Recorded for 3MBS by Kym Wilson)
  • Anonymous: Stingo
  • Anonymous: Saw Na Ye My Peggie
  • Traditional: Lochaber No More
  • Anonymous: Johnny Cock thy Beaver
  • Traditional: Oro Mhor a Mhoirin
  • Traditional: Cuckold Come Out of the Amrey
  • Traditional: In a Garden so Green
  • Traditional: Weave the Bog Cotton-Cooley's Reel; and The Musical Priest
  • Traditional: Ronald Macdonald; and Toniu Breizh-Izel
  • O'Carolan, Trulough: Sir Uillioc de Burca
  • Traditional: Adew Dundee
  • Traditional: Tiarna Mhaigh Eo
  • Anonymous: John Anderson My Jo
  • Du Tertre, Estienne: Premiere suytte de Bransles d'Ecosse

  • 29th December

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  • Music of Marais: Masterpieces for Viola da Gamba; 2019 Organs of the Ballarat Goldfields Festival; Laura Vaughan and Laura Moore (vdg), Nick Pollard (theorbo), Donald Nicholson (hpschd); Loretto Chapel Ballarat; 18/1/2019. (Recorded for 3MBS by Kym Wilson)
  • Marais, Marin: Couplets de Folies
  • Marais, Marin: Suite in D
  • Marais, Marin: Le Tableau de l'operation de la Taille
  • Marais, Marin: Le Labyrinthe

  • 22nd December

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  • Schubert Mass: Melbourne Chamber Orchestra and Polyphonic Voices; William Hennessy AM (director MCO), Michael Fulcher (director PV), Cristina Russo (sop), Timothy Reynolds (ten), Oliver Mann (bass); Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Southbank, Melbourne; 1/8/2019. (Recorded for 3MBS by Steve Bullock)
  • Schubert, Franz: Mass No.2 in G, D167
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: Violin Concerto in E, BWV1042
  • Rossini, Gioachino: Duo for Cello & Double Bass (Michael Dahlenberg, vlc; Emma Sullivan, db)
  • Schubert, Franz: Symphony No.3 in D, D200

  • 15th December

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  • Ambient Orchestra, Adelaide Fringe RCC presents Fripp/Eno, Laraaji and Satie: An Ambient Primer (The Orchestra in the Age of Electronic Music); Evan Ziporyn Ambient Orchestra featuring musicians of the Elder Conservatorium Orchestra; Elder Hall Adelaide; 15/3/2019. (Recorded for 3MBS by Kym Wilson)
  • Satie, Erik: Gymnopedies
  • Laraaji: Day of Radiance: The Dance No. 1
  • Ziporyn, Evan: Frog's Eye
  • Eno, Brian and Fripp, Robert: Evening Star (LP "A side"): Wind on Water; Evening Star; Evensong; Windon Wind

  • 8th December

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  • Live Performance from the Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio featuring the gifted and artistic pianist, Lee Harrold, who readily engages and enthralls audiences with his playing.
  • Sibelius, Jean: Thirteen Pieces, Op.76

  • 1st December

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  • Russian Knights: Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra; Christopher Kopke (cond), Yinuo Mu (harp); Parforming Arts Centre, Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School; 6/4/2019. (Recorded for 3MBS by Michael Conolan/Hofland Music)
  • Prokofiev, Sergei: Romeo and Juliet, Op.64 - Dance of the Knights
  • Gliere, Reinhold: Harp Concerto in E flat, Op.74
  • Shostakovich, Dmitri: Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Op 47

  • 24th November

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  • Smoke Encrypted Whispers: 2015 Port Fairy Spring Music Festival; Samuel Wagan Watson (narration), Tabatha McGadyen (sop), Lloyd Van't Hoff (cla), David Reichelt (oboe), Rachel Shaw (horn), Matthew Neale (bsn), Alex Raineri (pno); Lecture Hall; 9/10/2015. (Recorded for 3MBS by Kym Wilson)
  • Davidson, Robert: smoke signals
  • Dean, Paul: tigerland
  • Mills, Richard: scared of the dark
  • Wren, Toby: wecker road
  • Cronin, Stephen: cribb island
  • Barton, William: capalaba
  • Hultgren, Ralph: rip
  • Mageau, Mary: smoke water
  • Stanfield, Stephen: author's notes #1
  • Rankine, Peter: darkroom
  • Denson, Louise: fisherman islands
  • Barbeler, Damian: paper trails to midnight
  • O'Boyle, Sean: author's notes #2
  • Cheney, Lisa: ghosts of boundary street
  • Gilfedder, John: dog tired tune
  • Adeney, Tom: when I crossed the ditch ...
  • McGrath, Freeman: author's notes #3
  • Scholem, Marianne: the dust company
  • Clark, Peter: from boundary street, west end, to the berlin wall, east germany
  • Beath, Betty: snapshots
  • Beath, Betty: snapshots
  • Knopf, Michael: aunty grey smoke
  • Leek, Stephen: author's notes - conclusion
  • Brophy, Gerard: revolver