Enjoy the ambience of a Melbourne concert, recorded live by our volunteer sound engineers and presented in full, featuring talented local artists, ensembles and orchestras.

15th September

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  • A Musical Banquet - Dame Emma Kirkby (soprano) & Jakob Lindberg (theorbo and lute); Ukaria Cultural Centre, Mt Barker; 14/4/2019. (Recorded for 3MBS by Kym Wilson). Works by Sigismondo d'India; Nicolas Vallet; Michel Lambert; Alessandro Piccinini; Barbara Strozzi; Henry Lawes; William Lawes, John Blow; and Henry Purcell.
  • d'India, Sigismondo: Sfere fermate le giri sonori
  • d’India, Sigismondo: Tu parti, ahi lasso
  • d'India, Sigismondo: Piangono al pianger mio
  • d’India, Sigismondo: La tra’l sangue e le morti
  • d’India, Sigismondo: Amico hai vinto
  • Vallet, Nicolas: Prelude
  • Vallet, Nicolas: Gaillarde du comte Essex
  • Lambert, Michel: Vous ne scauriez mes yeux
  • Lambert, Michel: Ombre de mon amant
  • Lambert, Michel: Jugez de ma douleur
  • Lambert, Michel: Iris n'est plus
  • Piccinini, Alessandro: Toccata
  • Piccinini, Alessandro: Chiaconna cappona all vera Spagnola
  • Strozzi, Barbara: Sete pur fastidioso
  • Strozzi, Barbara: L'amante segreto
  • Lawes, Henry: Tavola
  • Lawes, Henry: The Lark (Swift through the yielding air)
  • Lawes, Henry: O let me groan
  • Lawes, Henry: See, see my Cloris comes
  • Lawes, William: Aire
  • Lawes, William: Almain
  • Lawes, William: Courante
  • Lawes, William: Sarabande
  • Blow, John: If mighty wealth
  • Blow, John: Peaceful is he and most secure
  • Blow, John: The self banished
  • Purcell, Henry: Cebell
  • Purcell, Henry: A New Irish Measure
  • Purcell, Henry: A New Scottish Measure
  • Purcell, Henry: A New Ground, Z682
  • Purcell, Henry: Hornpipe
  • Purcell, Henry: Lovely Albina
  • Purcell, Henry: O Lead Me to Some Peaceful Gloom
  • Purcell, Henry: Dear Pretty Youth

  • 8th September

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  • La Serenissima: Vivaldi & Venice - Adelaide Baroque and Davide Monti (Guest Director & violin soloist); Elder Hall, Adelaide; 19/5/2018. (Recorded for 3MBS by Kym Wilson)
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: L'Olimpiade, RV725
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Chamber Concerto in D minor, RV566
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Chamber Concerto in F, RV99
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Cello concerto in D minor, RV407
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Four seasons, Concerto in F minor, RV297, Winter
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Concerto for 2 oboes in D minor, RV535
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Concerto in G minor for 2 violins, RV578, Op.3/2
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Concerto in G minor, RV577
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Chamber Concerto in D minor, RV566 (mvt 1 Allegro assai)

  • 1st September

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  • Of Light & Darkness - Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra - Christopher Kopke (cond.) & Roamn Ponomariov (horn); Performing Arts Centre, Ivanhoe Girls' Gramma School; 15/9/2018. (Recorded for 3MBS by Michael Conolan (Hofland Music)
  • Moncayo, Jose Pablo: Huapango
  • Granados, Enrique: Goyescas: Intermezzo
  • Gliere, Reinhold: Horn Concerto in B flat, Op.91
  • Elfman, Danny: Batman Theme
  • Williams, John: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Main Title

  • 25th August

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  • Live Performance. Lloyd Van’t Hoff (clarinet) and Peter de Jager (piano). Lloyd enjoys everything, from performing on the Sydney Opera House stage, to explaining how the clarinet works to children in outback Australia, working with composers to bring their work to life, and bringing live music to people who wouldn’t normally have access to it. Peter is one of Australia's most exciting pianists and collaborator. His repertoire is diverse, encompassing all periods of western classical music, which he often plays on period instruments, as well as musical theatre and cabaret

  • 18th August

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  • The Juliet Letters by Elvis Costello with Doug Kelly (tenor) and The Crossing Machine (Marianne Rothschild, vln; Karen Columbine, vln; Cora Teeuwen, vla; Michelle John, vlc). Recorded by Greg Matheson in the 3MBS Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio; 12/11/2018.

  • 11th August

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  • Peninsula Music Society present, Firebird Trio & Friends (Curt Thompson, violin; Simon Oswell, violin; Josephine Vains, cello; Stewart Riley, bass; Benjamin Martin, piano); Peninsula Community Theatre, Mornington; 13/5/17. (Recorded for 3MBS by David Wilkinson)
  • Corelli: Trio Sonata arr. Martin
  • Haydn, Franz Joseph: Piano Trio in E flat, Hob.XV:31
  • Elgar, Sir Edward: Salut d'amour, Op.13/1
  • Grainger, Percy: My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone arr. Martin
  • Vaughan-Williams: Piano Quintet in C minor

  • 4th August

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  • Mozart Piano Concerto Project with Elyane Laussade (piano) and The Melbourne Musicians; James Tatoulis Auditorium, Methodist Ladies College, Kew; 17/5/2019. (Recorded for 3MBS by Michael Conolan, Hofland Music)
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Piano Concerto No.19 in F, K.459
  • Chopin, Frederick: Nocturne in E flat, Op.9/2
  • Dittersdorf, Carl Ditters von: Symphony in F, Kr.70
  • Haydn, Franz Joseph: Symphony No. 55 in E flat, Hob.I:55 - The Schoolmaster

  • 28th July

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  • Justin Kenealy (saxophone) and Coady Green (piano) in a Live-to-Air Recital from the 3MBS Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio.