Enjoy the ambience of a Melbourne concert, recorded live by our volunteer sound engineers and presented in full, featuring talented local artists, ensembles and orchestras.

Stewart Kelly
Teddy Darling

17th January

Show Playlist
  • Kate Bush, The Man with the Child In His Eyes, Lotte Betts-Dean (sop) with Hill Quartet (live digital performance) Recorded & mixed by Misha Mullov-Abbado (2020).
  • Claude Debussy, Christmas Carol for Homeless Children, Lotte Betts-Dean (sop), presented by the Melbourne Art Song Collective, live at Melbourne Recital Centre.
  • Traditional mexican song, Dame Albric¸ia Mano Anton, Lotte Betts-Dean (Sop) with La Compania (Melbourne-based baroque renaissance band).
  • Berio, Luciano: Folk Songs - Azerbaijan Love Songs, Lotte-Betts-Dean (Sop) live at ANAM.
  • Brett Dean, Gertrude Fragments, Lotte Betts-Dean (Sop), Andrey Lebedev (Guitar), world premiere performance 2016 live at ANAM.
  • Dowland, John: Can she excuse my wrongs? Lotte Betts-Dean (Sop), Andrey Lebedev (Guitar)
  • David Lang, Death Speaks - Mist is Rising, Lotte Betts-Dean (sop).
  • MIchael Finnissy, Anderson-Liederkreis 12: When I Saw You Again, Lotte Betts-Dean (sop), Joseph Havlat (pno), live at Oxford Lieder Festival 2019.
  • Jean-Phillippe Rameau, Dieu Cruel - Ennemi Trompeur, Lotte Betts-Dean (sop), Van Diemens Band, dir Martin Gester. Live.
  • David Bird, Series Imposture, Lotte Betts-Dean (sop), Rubix Collective.
  • Messiaen, Olivier: Harawi: Amour oiseau d'etoile, Lotte Betts-Dean (sop), Joseph Havlat (pno)
  • Grainger, Percy: Died for Love, Lotte Betts-Dean (sop), Joseph Havlat (pno) live 27 Feb 2020.

  • 10th January

    Show Playlist
  • Ives, Charles: Violin Sonata No.17. Leigh Harrold, pno., Rebecca Chan, vln.
  • Shostakovich, Dmitri: Viola Sonata in C, Op.147. Caroline Henbest, vla., Timothy Young, pno.

  • 3rd January

    Show Playlist
  • Debussy, Claude: Sonata for cello and piano in D minor - Luke Severn vlnc and Elyane Laussade pno
  • Severn, Luke 'Little Birds of the Night' performed by Duo Obax pno. Yasmine Rowe ob, and Joseph Lallo alto sax.
  • Severn, Luke '...when the world was young', performed by Luke Severn vlc and Elyane Laussade pno.
  • Severn, Luke 'Humanation'

  • 27th December

    No available playlist

    20th December

    Show Playlist
  • Boulanger, Nadia: Three pieces for Violincello and Piano; performed by Charlotte Miles (vlc).
  • August Franchomme, Caprice no.9 in B Minor (opus 7), Charlotte Miles vlc.
  • Rachmaninov, Sergei: Vocalise, Op.34/14, Charlotte Miles vlc, Louisa Breen pno.
  • Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich: Pezzo capriccioso, Op.62, Charlotte Miles vlc.
  • Hans Bottermund/Janos Starker, Variations on a Theme of Paganini, Charlotte Miles vlc.
  • Edwards, Ross: Water spirit song, Charlotte Miles vlc.
  • Shostakovich, Dmitri: Cello Sonata in D minor, Op.40. Suren Bagratuni, vlc., Timothy Young, pno.

  • 13th December

    No available playlist

    6th December

    Show Playlist
  • Bloch, E 'Suite for Viola and Piano' (1919) 1st Movement, Miles, Jamie vla.
  • Brahms, Johannes: Viola Sonata No.1 in F minor, Op.120/1 (1st and 2nd Movements), Miles, Jamie
  • Miles, Jamie, Suite for Solo Viola (2019), Miles, Jamie. Live at Lady Marigold Southey Studio 17.12.19
  • Halvorsen, Johan: Passacaglia in G minor, after Handel's Keyboard Suite, HWV432, Jamie Miles vla Charlotte Miles vlc.
  • Beethoven, Ludwig van: Cello Sonata No.1 in F, Op.5/1. Kathryn Selby, pno., Li-Wei Qin, vlc.
  • Schumann, Robert: Adagio & Allegro in A flat, Op.70. Kathryn Selby, pno., Li-Wei Qin, vlc.
  • Sollima, Giovanni: Alone. Li-Wei Qin, vlc.
  • Paganini, Nicolo: Variations on One String on a Theme from 'Moses' by Rossini. Kathryn Selby, pno., Li-Wei Qin, vlc.
  • Elgar, Sir Edward: Salut d'amour, Op.12. Kathryn Selby, pno., Li-Wei Qin, vlc.

  • 29th November

    No available playlist

    22nd November

    Show Playlist
  • Villa-Lobos, Heitor: Ciclo brasileiro - ii Impressões seresteiras, Bonnie Brown pno.
  • Grainger, Percy: Fantasy on Themes from Gershwin's 'Porgy & Bess' Bonnie Brown pno. and Louisa Breen pno.
  • Hyde, Miriam: Toccato for Two, Bonnie Brown pno. Louisa Breen pno
  • Schumann, Robert: Piano quartet in E flat, Op.47, Bonnie Brown pno, Michelle Wood vlc, Eoin Anderson vln,
  • Kats-Chernin, Elena: Re-inventions, Bonnie Brown pno, Louisa Breen pno.
  • Westlake, Nigel, Oscillations, Bonnie Brown pno, Louisa Breen pno.
  • Sculthorpe, Peter: Island Songs, Bonnie Brown pno. Louisa Breen pno. Russell Smith didgeridoo