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Enjoy the ambience of a Melbourne concert, recorded live by our volunteer sound engineers and presented in full, featuring talented local artists, ensembles and orchestras.

20th May

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  • Radiothon 2018 - A live-to-air performance will be followed by a selection of works recorded by the 3MBS Recording Team of some of Melbourne’s finest musicians, ensembles and orchestras.

  • 13th May

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  • Live-to-Air Beethoven Cello & Piano Recital with Josephine Vains (cello) & John O’Donnell (piano) from the 3MBS Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio.
  • Beethoven: Cello Sonata No.4 in C, Op.102/1
  • Beethoven: Piano Sonata No.28 in A, Op.101
  • Beethoven: Cello Sonata No.5 in D, Op.102/2

  • 6th May

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  • St John's Feast of Music - Works from Tchaikovsky's The Seasons, Op. 37 and Crumbs Fantasy Pieces after the Zodiac - Sonya Lifschitz (piano), Christine Johnston (musical saw, readings) and poetry by Max Lifschitz; ; St John's Adelaide; 14/2/2017. (Recorded for 3MBS by Kym Wilson)
  • Birdcalls
  • Cancer verse
  • Crumb: Makrokosmos l: Primeval Sounds (Cancer)
  • June verse
  • Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op.37b : Barcarolle, June
  • Taurus verse
  • Crumb: Makrokosmos l: Pastorale (Taurus)
  • May verse
  • Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op.37b, May: Starlit Nights
  • Capricorn verse
  • Crumb: Makrokosmos l: Crucifixus (Capricorn)
  • January verse
  • Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op.37b, January: At the Fireside
  • Scorpio verse
  • Crumb: Makrokosmos l: The Phantom Gondolier (Scorpio)
  • Sagittarius verse
  • Crumb: Makrokosmos l: Night-Spell (Sagittarius)
  • November verse
  • Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op.37b, November: Troika
  • Virgo verse
  • Crumb: Makrokosmos l: The Abyss of Time (Virgo)
  • October verse
  • Tchaikovsky: The Seasons: October - Song of Autumn, Op.37b/10
  • Aries verse
  • Crumb: Makrokosmos l: Spring-Fire (Aries)
  • March verse
  • Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op.37b, March: Song of the Lark
  • Gemini verse
  • Crumb: Makrokosmos l: Dream Images (Gemini)
  • ENCORE Crumb: Makrokosmos l: Night-Spell (Sagittarius)

  • 29th April

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  • Ghost Stories with the Benaud Trio (Amir Farid, piano; Lachlan Bramble, violin; Ewen Bramble, cello); Salon Melbourne Recital Centre; 15/7/2017. (Recorded for 3MBS by Michael Conolan, Hofland Music)
  • Bloch: Three Nocturnes
  • Beethoven: Piano Trio No.5 in D, Op.70/1, 'Ghost'
  • Southern Cantata. St John's Bach Choir & Orchestra/Graeme Lieschk; St John's Southgate; 3/12/2017.(Recorded for 3MBS by Steve Bullock)
  • Schultz: Southern Cantata Op. 102, 2017. (Text by Katherine Firth). World Premiere.

  • 22nd April

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  • The Melbourne Musicians Mozart & Schubert Concert; St Johns Southgate; 9/4/2017. (Recorded for 3MBS by Steve Bullock)
  • Mozart: Porgi amor
  • Mozart: Nehmt meinen dank, K383, concert aria
  • Mozart: Don Giovanni - Non mi dir
  • Donizetti: Introduction for Strings
  • Mozart: Cosi fan tutte - Per pieta
  • Mozart: Marriage of Figaro - Dove sono i bei momenti
  • Mozart: Laudate Dominum (Vesperae de Dominica K.321)
  • Schubert: Symphony No.5 in B Flat, D485

  • 15th April

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  • Sanguine Estate Music Festival 2017 Gala Concert, Heathcote; 11/2/2017. (Recorded for 3MBS by Michael Conolan/Hofland Music)
  • Dohnanyi: Serenade in C, Op.10 (Paul Wright/vln; Tobias Breider/vla; Chris Howlett/vlc);
  • Spohr: Fantasy and Variations on a Theme by Danzi, Op.81 (Lloyd Van't Hoff/cl; Ian Munro/pno)
  • Durufle: Prelude, Recitative and Variations (Emily Betnon/fte; Christopher Moore/vla; Ian Munro/pno)
  • Dvorak: Piano Quintet No.2 in A, Op.81, B155 (Ian Munro/pno; Paul Wright/vln; Christopher Moore/vla; Howard Penny/vlc

  • 8th April

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  • Beethoven String Quartets performed by the Fidelio Quartet live from the 3MBS Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio; Robert McIndoe & Isin Cakmakcioglu (vlns), Lisa Grosman (vla), Rachel Atkinson (vlc).
  • Beethoven: String Quartet No.10 in E flat, Op.74, 'Harp'
  • Beethoven: String Quartet No.12 in E flat, Op.127

  • 1st April

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  • Requiem - Melbourne Bach Choir (Rick Prackhoff, cond.; Belinda Paterson, m-sop; Jeremy Kleeman, bs-bar; Calvin Bowman, org; Molly Kadarauch, vlc); St Pauls' Cathedral; 8/9/2017. (Recorded for 3MBS by Steve Bullock)
  • Bruckner: Locus iste
  • Bruckner: Os justi
  • J S Bach: O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht
  • F Mendelssohn: Verleith uns Frieden
  • Herr was tragt der Boden hier
  • Rossini: O salutaris hostia
  • Bruckner: Christus factus est
  • Bruckner: Ave Maria
  • Durufle: Fugue on the theme of the carillon at Soissons Cathedral, Op.12
  • Bowman: To Daffadills
  • Bowman: O lux beata Trinitas
  • Faure: Cantique de Jean Racine, Op.11
  • Faure: Andante, Op.75
  • Durufle: Requiem, Op.9