Explore the music of the Pipe Organ, from intimate interludes to grand symphonies.

John van Bavel

Peter Wakeley

Simon Colvin

Allan Smith

13th April

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  • Guilmant, Finale from Sonata 1 in D minor Robert Delcamp, Organ
  • Durufle, Toccata from Suite Op 5 Christopher Herrick, Organ
  • Sigfrid Kark-Elert, Homage to Handel Adrian Lucas, Organ
  • Guilmant, Grand Chorus in G minor Robert Delcamp, organ
  • Mons Leidvin Takle, Blues Toccata Christopher Herrick, Organ
  • Joseph Bonnet, Matin Provencal Christopher Herrick, Organ

  • 6th April

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  • Dupre Marcel Toccata from Organ Symhony 2 op 26 Edward De Geest Sint Baafsskathedral Gent Belgium
  • Barie Augustin 4 th movement Intermezzo from Organ Symphony op 5 Marie-Therese Jehan org Merklin organ Nantes Cathedral
  • Vierne Organ Symphony 3 Jeremy Filsell org Cavaille Coll organ St Ouen in Rouen
  • Weitz Guy 2nd movement Mater Dolorosa from Organ Symphony no 1 Jane Parker-Smith org Seifet organ St Marien Basilika Kevelaar Germany
  • Widor Final movement Toccata from Organ Symphony 5 Daniel Roth Cavaille Coll organ St Sulpice Paris

  • 30th March

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  • Bossi, Marco Enrico: Etude Symphonique Op 78. Dominic Perissinotto, org [St Patrick's Basilica, Fremantle]
  • Sowerby, Leo: Pageant. Ken Cowan, org [St Clement's Church, Philadelphia]
  • Vierne, Louis: Carillon de Longport. Percy Whitlock, org [St Osmund's Church, Parkstone, Dorset 22/10/1945]
  • Middelschulte, Wilhelm: Perpetuum Mobile. Brink Bush, org.
  • Demessieux, Jeanne: Six Etudes op 5/2-3 Tierces & Sixtes. Adam Brakel, org [Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, Palm Beach, Florida]
  • Guilmant, (Felix) Alexandre: Organ Sonata No.1 in D minor, Op.42. Ben van Oosten, org [St Ouen, Rouen]

  • 23rd March

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  • Edwin Lemare, Concert Fantasia Christopher Herrick, organ
  • Franz Haydn, Andante from Symphony 94 in G Rhys Boak & Ryoko Mori, Organ
  • Drury, David: Improvisation of a theme of Nigel Butterley. David Drury, org.
  • Handel, George Frederic: Organ Concerto in D minor, Op.7/10, Allegro. Jean Guillou, org.
  • Alkan, Impromptu Kevin Bowyer, organ
  • Moneta Eagles, Eclogue Christopher Dearnley, Organ
  • Max Reger, Toccata in D minor Christopher Dearnley, organ
  • Georgi Mushel, Tocata Christopher Dearnley, organ

  • 16th March

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  • Berveiller, Jean: Cadence (Etude de Concert). Kevin Bowyer, org [Blackburn Cathedral]
  • Demessieux, Jeanne: Six Etudes Op 5/1 Pointes. Adam Brakel, org [Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, Palm Beach, Florida]
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: Pedal-Exercitium, BWV598. Peter Hurford, org.
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: Trio sonata in G - Allegro, BWV530. Christopher Wrench, org.
  • Ampt, Robert: Waltzing Matilda, duet for four feet. Amy Johansen, org., Robert Ampt, org.
  • Roger-Ducasse, Jean: Pastorale in F. Richard Pinel, org [St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle]
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: Toccata in F, BWV540. Sir George Thalben-Ball, org.
  • Thalben-Ball, George: Variations on a theme of Paganini. Thomas Trotter, org [Birmingham Town Hall]
  • Berveiller, Jean: Mouvement. David Briggs, org [Gloucester Cathedral]

  • 9th March

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  • Schumann: Canons Op. 56/1,2,3. Hans-Christoph Becker-Foss, org. (St Stephani, Bremen)
  • Yon: Toccatina; Guilmant: Priere et Berceuse Op. 27. Siegfried Franke, org. St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne
  • Coerne: The River of Life Op. 109/4. Martin Weyer, org. St Joseph's University, Philadelphia
  • Gigout: Scherzo (Dix Pieces No. 8). Andrew Lucas, org. St Paul's Cathedral London
  • Stanford: Intermezzo on an Irish air. Kieran Crichton, org. Christ Church South Yarra
  • Tours: Postlude in D. Arturo Sacchetti, org. Chiesa Institute Merode, Rome
  • Gounod (arr Best): Funeral March of a Marionette. Kevin Bowyer, org. Royal Hospital School Holbrook, Suffolk
  • Cochereau: Variations on Frere Jacques. Anton Doornhein, org. Katerina Church, Stockholm

  • 2nd March

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  • Liszt Variations on Adeste Fidelis Christopher Dearnley Mander Organ St Pauls Cathedral London
  • Bonnet Variations de Concert CHristopher Herrick Harrison and Harrison Organ Westminster Abbey London
  • Brahms Academic Festival Overture Robert Quinney Henry Willis Organ of Westmnster Cathedral London
  • Ives Variations on America Gillian Weir Harrison and Harrison Organ Royal Festival Hall London
  • Harris Cuthbert Caprice David Briggs Lewis organ St John the Evangelist Upper Norwood London
  • Widor Fifth Movement Toccata from Symphony no 5 op 42 no 1 David Sanger Klais organ St Peters Italian Church Clerkenwell London
  • Benedict Julius arr W. Best March of the Templars op 56 Christopher Herrick Harrison and Harrison Organ of the Temple Church London
  • Elgar Nimrod , Pomp and Circumstance March no 1 in D Gillian Weir Mander Grand Organ Royal Albert Hall London

  • 23rd February

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  • Tchaikovsky arr Lucas, Overture 1912 Adrian Lucas, Organ
  • Dorothy Papadakos, Take me out to the Ball Game Dorothy Papakakos, Organ
  • Dorothy Papadakos, Noel Nouvelet Dorothy Papadakos, Organ
  • Edward Elgar, Carillon Thomas Murray, Organ
  • Edward Elgar, Solemn March from The Black Knight Thomas Murray, Organ
  • Rheinberger, Introduction & Passacaglia Bruce Stevens, Organ

  • 16th February

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  • Berveiller, Jean: Mouvement.. Bach, JS: Cantata 29: Sinfonia. Jeanne Demessieux, org [La Madelaine, Paris]
  • Demessieux, Jeanne: 12 Chorale Preludes Op 8: Veni Creator & Attende Domine. Adrian Gunning, org [St John the Evangelist, Islington, London]
  • Demessieux, Jeanne: 12 Chorale Preludes Op 8: Rorate caeli. Peter Guy, org [Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle]
  • Demessieux, Jeanne: Six Etudes Op 5/2 Tierces. Jeanne Demessieux, org [Christianskirche, Hamburg]
  • Demessieux, Jeanne: Six Etudes Op 5/4-5 Accords Alternes & Notes repetees. Adam Brakel, org [Episopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, Palm Beach, Florida]
  • Handel, George Frederic: Organ Concerto in G minor, Op.4/1. Jeanne Demessieux, org; L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande / Ernest Ansermet [Victoria Hall Geneva]
  • Demessieux, Jeanne: Six Etudes Op.5/6 Octaves. Adam Brakel, org [Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, Palm Beach, Florida]
  • Berveiller, Jean: Mouvement. Jeanne Demessieux, org [Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral]