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15th January

Show Playlist
  • Leo Birenberg & Zach Robinson: It's Karate Time, Cobra Kai
  • Matteo Zingales, Michael Lura & Andrew Lancaster: The Hunter
  • Kris Bowers: Family, King Richard
  • Hutch Demouilpied: Before the Concert, Limbo
  • Thomas Holkenborg: Tomb Raider
  • Lorne Balfe: Black Widow
  • Carter Burwell: The End of Macbeth, The Tragedy of Macbeth
  • Evgeny & Sacha Galperine: The Night Doctor
  • Ramin Djawadi: Eternals
  • Ennio Morricone: Deborah's Theme, Once Upon a Time in America, violin: Marco Sorino
  • Dimitri Tiomkin: Shadow of a Doubt
  • Adrian Johnston: Blood of Angels, Giri/Haji
  • Brian Tyler: Scream 5

  • 8th January

    Show Playlist
  • Matthew Margeson: The King's Man
  • Rob Simonsen: Reconciliation, Ghostbusters Afterlife
  • Harry Gregson-Williams: House of Gucci suite
  • Jung Jaeil: The Belt of Faith, Parasite
  • Lorne Balfe: Celebration, The Florida Project
  • Jerry Fielding: Advise and Consent
  • Michel Legrand: Orson's Theme, F for Fake
  • Ilan Eshkeri: The Young Victoria
  • Quincy Jones: In the Heat of the Night

  • 1st January

    Show Playlist
  • Howard Shore: Largo, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Pieces of a Woman
  • Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurrians: The White Tiger
  • Martin Stock: Crescendo
  • Antonio Pinto: Nine Days
  • Daniel Hart: The Green knight
  • Evgeny and Sacha Galperine: Persian Lessons
  • Armine Bouhafa: Gagarine
  • Jonny Greenwood: The Power of the Dog
  • Dickon Hichliffe: Mina, The Lost Daughter
  • Hans Zimmer: Herald of the Change, Dune
  • Uno Helmersson: Flee
  • Hans Zimmer: No Time to Die

  • 25th December

    Show Playlist
  • Jerry Bock: If I Were a Rich Man, vocals: Topol, Fiddler on the Roof
  • Jonny Greenwood: Licorice Pizza
  • Ola Flottum: Louder Than Bombs
  • Tom Tykwer & Johnny Klimek: My Dream Ended Here, The Matrix Resurrections
  • Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim: Maria, West Side Story, vocals: Ansel Elgort, Los Angeles Philharmonic, con: Gustavo Dudamel,
  • Christoph Julien: Delicious
  • Carter Burwell: North Dakota, Fargo
  • Nicholas Brittell: Don't Look Up main title suite
  • Daniel Pemberton: The End of the Dream, Being the Ricardos

  • 18th December

    No available playlist

    11th December

    Show Playlist
  • Georges Auric: Beauty and the Beast
  • Alexandre Desplat: Obituary, The French Dispatch
  • Dimitri Tiomkin: It's a Wonderful Life
  • Franz Waxman: Rebecca
  • Hans Zimmer and David Fleming: The Unforgivable
  • John Williams: Home Alone
  • Gabriel Yared: Haute Cuisine
  • Shigeru Umebayashi: Lovers, House of Flying Daggers
  • Thomas Newman: The Little Things
  • Emile Mosseri: Minari

  • 4th December

    Show Playlist
  • Georges Auric: Orpheus
  • Hans Zimmer: Paul's Dream, Dune
  • Kathryn and Kim Allen Kluge: Rain Falls Unceasingly on the Sea, Silence
  • West Side Story Overture: Leonard Bernstein
  • Peter Gabriel: Ngankarparni, Rabbit-Proof Fence
  • Germaine Franco: Abre los Ojos, Encanto
  • Dario Marianelli: Blitzen, A Boy Called Christmas
  • Piero Piccioni: Swept Away
  • Mark Mothersbaugh: The Life Aquatic
  • Mychael Danna: Life of Pi - suite, Brussels Philharmonic, con: Dirk Brosse

  • 27th November

    Show Playlist
  • Matti Bye & Lau Nau: Galloping Waves, Tove
  • Jim Williams: Titane end credit music
  • Ali Helnwein: Stray 3, Stray
  • Stephen Sondheim: Sooner or :Later (I Always Get My Man), Dick Tracy
  • Jonathan Larson: Sunday, Tick, Tick, Boom
  • Hans Zimmer: Boss Baby 2 Family Business score suite
  • John Lennon & Paul McCartney: The Long and Winding Road, The Breatles: Get Back
  • Marco Beltrami: St Estes Reform School, Venom: Let There Be Carnage
  • Jonny Greenwood: Prospectors Arrive, There Will Be Blood
  • Goran Bregovic: Lullaby, Queen Margot
  • Lorne Balfe: Moiraine Sedai, The Wheel of Time
  • Dario Marianelli: Blitzen, The Boy Called Christmas

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