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‘Music from now’ featuring many recent releases and occasional interviews with composers and performers. The fare consists of local and overseas compositions of the past sixty years or so, including the innovative and the avant-garde.


17th July

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  • Hindson: Mechanically Speaking. Elizabeth Watson, pno.
  • Unsuk Chin: ocana. Montreal SO / Kent Nagano.
  • Mazzoli: Orizzonte. Lisa Moore pno.
  • Borenstein: The Big Bang and Creation of the Universe. Oxford PO / Vladimir Ashkenazy.
  • Ligeti: Musica Ricercata. Mei Yi Foo pno.
  • Harvey, Jonathan: Scena. Elizabeth Layton vln, BBC Scottish SO / Ilan Volkov.

  • 10th July

    No available playlist

    3rd July

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  • Unsuk Chin: Piano Concerto. Sunwook Kim pno, Seoul PO / Myung-Whun Chung.
  • Porra, Lauri: Kohta. Lahti SO / Jaakko Kuusisto.
  • Aho: Quintet. Vaino Jalkanen pno, Markku Moilanen oboe, Pekka Niskanen cl, Antal Moizer bsn, Ilkka Puputti hn.
  • Interview with Forest Collective re concert Berceuse, 6/7/July, Church of All Nations, 7:30 pm.
  • Addision: Wish you were here. Addision/Forest Collective.
  • Punch Bros: Location. Addision/Forest Collective.
  • Lawson, Evan: In the Red fire of Passion. Rosemary Ball sop, Jessica Fotinos harp, Tanya incent fte.
  • Harvey: Makzurka. Michael Kieran Harvey, pno.
  • Connesson: Adams Variations. Florent Heau cl, Sergey Malov vln, Jerome Pernoo vlc, Jerome Ducros pno.
  • Connesson: Disco-Toccata. Florent Heau cl, Jerome Pernoo vlc..

  • 26th June

    Show Playlist
  • Connesson: Double Quartet. Ensemble.
  • Interview with Melissa Doecke re Inventi Ensemble concert MRC Mon 2 July 6PM.
  • Harvey, Jonathan: Run Before Lightning. Melissa Doecke fte, Mary Callanan pno.
  • Harvey: City of Snakes. Michael Kieran Harvey, pno., Ashley Smith, cl., Blake Stickland bass & drums electronic programming.
  • Unsuk Chin: Su, Concerto for sheng & orch. Wu Wei sheng, Seoul PO / Myung-Whun Chung.
  • Kucharz: Piano Etude 44.3. Larry Kucharz midi piano.
  • Borenstein: Violin Concerto. Irmina Trynkos vln. Oxford PO / Vladimir Ashkenazy.
  • Matthews, David: Marina. Stephan Loges bar, Nash Ensemble.

  • 19th June

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  • Unsuk Chin: Cello Concerto. Alban Gerhardt vlc, Seoul PO / Myung-Whun Chung.
  • Harvey: Psychosonata (Piano Sonata no. 2). Michael Kieran Harvey, pno.
  • Danielpour: String Quartet No 5. Delray Stg Qt.
  • Porra: Entropia, Concerto for electric bass. Lauri Porra elec bass, Lahti SO / Jaakko Kuusisto.

  • 12th June

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  • Unsuk Chin: Fantaisie mecanique. Ensemble Intercontemporain / Patrick Davin.
  • Henze: Voices, Part 5. Roswitha Trexler m-sop, Joachim Vogt ten, mbrs of RSO Leipzig / Horst Neumann.
  • Adams: John Luther: Tukiliit. Lisa Moore pno.
  • Birtwistle: 9 Movements for String Quartet. Arditti Qt.
  • Wallin: Appearances. Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta/ Oyvind Bjora.
  • Greenbaum: Three Optical Illusions. Amir Farid, pno.

  • 5th June

    Show Playlist
  • Vasks: Cantabile for String Orchestra. Tasmanian SO/Johannes Fritzsch.
  • Henze: Voices, Part 4. Roswitha Trexler m-sop, Joachim Vogt ten, mbrs of RSO Leipzig / Horst Neumann.
  • Unsuk Chin: Double Concerto. Dimitri Vassilakis pno, Samuel Favre perc, Ensemble Intercontemporain / Stefan Asbury.
  • Griffin, Philip: Whaia te iti kahurangi. Affetto.
  • Birtwistle: String Quartet: The Tree of Strings. Arditti Qt.
  • Bolcom: Prelude Book 1 No 4. Christopher Taylor pno.
  • Daugherty: Trail of Tears. Amy Porter fte, Albany Symphony / David Alan Miller.

  • 29th May

    Show Playlist
  • Matthews, David: String Trio No 2. The Nash Ensemble.
  • Henze: Voices, part 3. Roswitha Trexler m-sop, Joachim Vogt ten, mbrs of RSO Leipzig / Horst Neumann.
  • Unsuk Chin: Violin Concerto. Viviane Hagner vln, Montreal SO / Kent Nagano.
  • Riley: The Wheel & Mythic Birds Waltz. Del Sol Stg Qt.
  • Escaich, Thierry: Clarinet Concerto. Paul Meyer cl, Lyon Opera NO / Alexandre Bloch.
  • Bolcom: Prelude Book 1 No 3. Christopher Taylor pno.
  • Buene, Eivind: Miniatures. Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta / Oyvind Bjora.

  • 22nd May

    Show Playlist
  • Takemitsu: Piano distance. Roger Woodward, pno.
  • Gunn: Imperial milking machine. VCA SO/Mark Summerbell.
  • Gilmour: No. 4 Suite: You Say You've Seen Seven Wonders. Gilmour Ensemble.