‘Music from now’ featuring many recent releases and occasional interviews with composers and performers. The fare consists of local and overseas compositions of the past sixty years or so, including the innovative and the avant-garde.


Tony Thomas

13th April

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  • Abbott: Punch. Brass & Perc Ens / Brett Kelly.
  • Vaughan Williams: String Quartet No 2. Maggini Qt.
  • Meredith, Anna: Tripotage Miniatures. Aurora Orch.
  • Kernis: Color Wheel. Nashville Symphony / Giancarlo Guerrero.
  • Henderson, Moya: Kudikynah Cave. Acacia Qt.
  • Reale, Paul: Piano Sonata No 10 'Sonata Piazzollana'. John Jensen pno.
  • Cole, Amanda: Glocken Blocken. Claire Edwardes marimba & cowbells.
  • Korvits: Silent Songs. Meelis Vind bs cl, Estonian NSO / Risto Joost.

  • 6th April

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  • LeFanu: Threnody. RTE NSO / Colman Pearce.
  • Vaughan Williams: String Quartet No 1 in G minor. Maggini Qt.
  • Korvits: Tears Fantasy. Estonian NSO / Risto Joost.
  • Aho: Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra. Jorgen van Rijen tbn, Antwerp SO / Martyn Brabbins.
  • Buckley, Linda: Fridur. Isabelle OConnell pno, Linda Buckley electronics.
  • Davis, Oliver: This Mortal Man. Grace Davidson sop, Oliver Wass harp, Budapest Scoring Orch & Peacock Ensemble / Peter Illenyi.
  • Macens, Ella: The Space Between Stars. Sydney SO / Jessica Cottis.

  • 30th March

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  • Sheng, Bright: Hot Pepper. Dan Zhu vln, Pius Cheung marimba.
  • Arnold: String Quartet No 2. Maggini Qt.
  • Woolrich: Ulysses Awakes. Simon Rowland-Jones vla, 12 Ensemble.
  • Lindberg, Magnus: Two Episodes. Finnish RSO / Hannu Lintu.
  • Pickard: Daughters of Zion. Susan Bickley m-sop, Nash Ensemble / Marftyn Brabbins.
  • Malipiero, Riccardo: Ciaccona di Davide. Daniele Valabrega vla, Allesandro Viale pno.
  • Finsterer: Lake Ice - Missed Tales 1. Kees Boersma db, Sydney SO / Jessica Cottis.

  • 23rd March

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  • Martin, Caerwen: Women of the Earth. Inventi Ensemble .
  • Arnold: String Quartet No 1. Maggini Qt.
  • Volans: Kneeling Dance. Piano Circus.
  • Aho: Concerto fort Trumpet and Symphonic Wind Orchestra. Alain De Rudder tpt, Antwerp SO / Martyn Brabbins.
  • Eichberg: Recitare. Rafaell Altino vla.
  • Ullmann, Victor: String Quartet No 3. Clarion Qt.
  • Connesson: Beyond Heracles'Columns. Sergey Malov vln, Jerome Dueros pno.

  • 16th March

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  • Duncan, Eve: Approaching Venice. Philippine PO / Josefino Chino Toledo.
  • Duncan: Sydney Opera House (Piano Concerto). Michaelo Kieran Harvey pno, CO / Timothy Phillips.
  • Duncan: from The Aspern Papers: 'Juliana and Jeffrey's Love Duet'. Dan Walker ct, Deborah Kayser alto, CO / Timothy Phillips.
  • Duncan: from The Aspern Papers: 'If you were a relation'. Justine Anderson sop, Deborah Kayser alto, Jerzy Kozlowski bar, CO / Timothy Phillips.
  • Duncan: Aer Turas. Sirius Ensemble: Lisa Breckenridge fte, Ian Sykes cl, Clare Kahn vlc.
  • Wood, Hugh: String Quartet No 4. Chilngirian Qt.
  • Martin, Caerwen: The Book Beneath My Bed. Inventi Ensemble .
  • Lang, David: Face So Pale. Piano Circus.

  • 9th March

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  • Eotvos, Melody: October in the Choir. Inventi Ensemble .
  • Wood: String Quartet No 3. Chilingirian Qt.
  • Harvey: Greta: Sonata No 5. Michael Kieran Harvey keyboards.
  • Danielpour: Kaddish. Evgeny Pravilov vln, Russian String Orch / Misha Rachlevsky.
  • Schultz: I Am Writing in this Book. Halcyon.
  • Nono: ...sofferte onde serene... Maurizio Pollini pno, tape.

  • 2nd March

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  • Hindson, Matthew: The Metallic Violins. James Cuddeford, vln., Natsuko Yoshimoto, vln.
  • Kats-Chernin, Elena: Zoom and Zip. Adelaide SO/David Stanhope.
  • Nyman, Michael (arr. Boothby, Richard): Balancing the books. Fretwork .
  • Westlake, Nigel: Invocations: Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra. Nigel Westlake, cl. Tasmanian SO/David Porcelijn.
  • Vasks, Peteris: Cantabile for String Orchestra. Tasmanian SO/Johannes Fritzsch.
  • Muhly, Nico: Unexpected News. Brett Brown, bar. Omega Ensemble/Gordon Hamilton.
  • Nyman, Michael: String Quartet No. 2. Balanescu Quartet .
  • Dench, Chris: Driftglass. Peter Neville, perc. Elision/Sandro Gorli.
  • Harvey, Michael Kieran: Makzurka. Michael Kieran Harvey, pno.

  • 23rd February

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  • Eotvos, Melody: Street of the Four Winds. Inventi Ensemble .
  • Wood: String Quartet No 2. Chilingirian Qt.
  • Corigliano: Piano Concerto. Barry Douglas pno, Saint Louis SO / Leonard Slatkin.
  • Saariaho: Ciel d'hiver. Finnish RSO / Hannu Lintu.
  • Finzi, Gerald: Cello concerto in A minor, Op.40. Tim Hugh, vlc. Northern Sinfonia/Howard Griffiths.

  • 16th February

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  • Kats-Chernin, Elena: Heaven Is Closed. Adelaide SO/David Stanhope.
  • Wood, Hugh: String Quartet No 1. Chilingirian Qt.
  • Koch: Arcadia Lost. Eugen Tichindeleanu vln, Odense SO / Justin Brown.
  • Reich: New York Counterpoint. Freem Saxophone Qt, tape.
  • Guarnieri: Piano Concerto No 5. Max Barros pno, Warsaw PO / Thomas Conlin.
  • Henze: Ballet Variations. NDR SO / Peter Ruzicka.