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An exploration of contemporary and modern jazz with an emphasis on local talent: the city’s best mix of instrumental and vocal jazz.

16th July

Show Playlist
  • Hodges: Good Queen Bess. Sackville All Stars
  • Hodges: I know what you do. Dick Hyman (piano), Jazz Ensemble
  • Hodges/Ellington: The Jeep is Jumpin. Dick Hyman (piano), Jazz Ensemble
  • Hodges/George/Ellington/James: I'm beginning to see the light. Andre Previn Trio (1958)
  • George/Ellington/Hodges/James: I'm beginning to see the light. Eugenie Baird (vocal), Ellington Alumni (1959)
  • Hodges/Ellington: Rent Party Blues. The Australian Cotton Club Orchestra
  • Hodges: You need to rock. Johnny Varro Swing Seven

  • 9th July

    Show Playlist
  • Johnson: Empty Bed Blues. Bete Midler (vocal), Orchestra
  • Bachelors from Prague: Strength in Numbers. Bachlors from Prague
  • Bachelors from Prague. Uneasy. Bachelors from Prague
  • Miller: Moonlight Serenade. Kurt Elling (vocal), Jazz Trio
  • Petkere: Close your eyes. Kurt Elling (vocal), Jazz Ensemble
  • Hobgood: Trinity. Laurence Hobgood Trio

  • 2nd July

    Show Playlist
  • Mandel/Webster: The Shadow of your Smile. Rosemary Clooney (vocal), Scott Hamilton (guitar), Scott Hamilton (tenor saxophone), Jake Hanna (drums), Chuck Israels (bass), John Oddo (piano), Waren Vache (cornet)
  • Fuller: Transportation Blues. Curtis Fuller (trombone), Sonny Red Kyner (alto sax), Hank Jones (piano), Louis Hayes (drums), Doug Watkins (bass)
  • Rodgers, Richard (arr. Freedman, Robert): Glad to Be Unhappy. Wynton Marsalis, tpt. Jazz Ensemble, Studio Orch/Robert Freedman.
  • Hamilton/Lewis: How high the moon. Scott Hamilton (tenor sax), Dave McKenna (piano), Phil Flanigan (bass), Jeff Hamilton (drums)
  • Golden/Hubbell: Poor Butterfly. Scott Hamilton (tenor sax), Norman Simmons (piano), Dennis Irwin (bass), Chuck Riggs (drums), Joel Helleny (trombone)
  • Armstrong: Big Butter and Egg Man. Scott Hamilton (tenor sax), Rossano Sportiello (piano)
  • Armstrong, Louis: Big butter and Egg man. Louis Armstrong, vocal & trumpet Jazz Ensemble .
  • Hague/Horwitt: Young and Foolish. Scott Hamilton (tenor saxophone), Strings
  • Jarrett, Keith: Lucky Southern. Mark Isaacs, pno. Jazz Ensemble .

  • 25th June

    Show Playlist
  • Burns, Ralph: Northwest Passage. Woody Herman and His Swinging Herd .
  • Silver: Sister Sadie. Woody Herman Big Band
  • Modugno, Domenico (arr. Nestico, Sammy): Volare. Joseph Alessi, tbn. Joe's Jersey Jazz Jesters Big Band/Sam Pilafian.
  • Warren, Harry (arr. Nestico, Sammy): That's Amore. Joseph Alessi, tbn. Joe's Jersey Jazz Jesters Big Band/Sam Pilafian.
  • Cipelli, Roberto: Kosmopolites. Paolo Fresu, tpt., Roberto Cipelli, pno. Jazz Ensemble .

  • 18th June

    Show Playlist
  • Williams: Five oçlock in the morning. Joe Williams (vocal), Jazz Ensemble

  • 11th June

    Show Playlist
  • Fields/McHugh: Doin' the new lowdown. The Johnny Varro Swing Seven
  • Towner: Parasol. Ralp Towner (guitar and piano), John Abercrombie (guitar),
  • Lewine/Horwitt: Gentleman Friend. Carmen McRae (vocal), George Shearing (piano)
  • Duke/Harburg: What is there to say? Carmen McRae (vocal), George Shearing (piano)
  • Towner: Cascades. Ralph Towner (piano, synthesizer), Markus Stockhausen (trumpet), Paul McCandless (oboe),Gary Peacock bass, Jerry Granelli (drums)
  • Hunter, Charlie: Scrabbling for Purchase. Ben Goldberg, cl., Charlie Hunter, gtr., Dave Ellis, sax., Jeff Cressman, tbn. Jazz Ensemble .
  • Trenier: Get out of the car. Lindsay Copeland Quartet
  • Dallwitz: What's the use of reading books about love? Dick Hughes and his Famous Five.
  • Nestico: Queen Bee. Northside Big Band
  • Coleman, Cy: Witchcraft. Bill Evans, pno., Paul Motian, drums, Scott LaFaro, db.
  • Towner: Wistful Thinking. Ralph Towner (guitar), Paolo Fresu (flugelhorn)
  • Cipelli, Roberto: In Viaggio. Paolo Fresu, tpt., Roberto Cipelli, pno. Jazz Ensemble .
  • Hodges/Davis: Wings and Things. Johnny Hodges (alto sax), Wild Bill Davis (organ), Grant Green (guitar), Hank Jones (piano), Richard Davis (bass), Lawrence Brown (trombone), Ben Dixon (drums)
  • Parker: Scrapple from the Apple. Dexter Gordon (tenor sax) Bud Powell (piano), Kenny Clarke (drums), Pierre Michelot (bass)
  • Ighner: Everything must change. Johnny Nicol (vocal, guitar)
  • Ighner, Benard: Everything Must Change. Nils Landgren, tbn. Flesh Quartet (Strings) .
  • Shorter: The Moors. Weather Report (Ralph Towner 12 string guitar)
  • Marsalis: J Mood. Wynton Marsalis (trumpet), Marcus Roberts (piano), Robert Hurst (bass), Jeff Watts (drums)
  • Towner, Ralph: Icarus. Caroline Lynn, voc.
  • Towner, Ralph: Very Late. Ralph Towner, gtr.

  • 4th June

    Show Playlist
  • Shorter: Sincerely Diana. Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers
  • Shorter: Fee-fi-fo-fum. Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Freddie Hubbard (trumpet), Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Elvin Jones (drums)
  • Evans/Davis: Time of the Barracudas. Gil Evans Orchestra
  • Shorter: Sanctuary. Miles Davis (trumpet), Jazz Ensemble
  • Shorter: Mysterious Traveller. Weather Report
  • Shorter, Wayne (arr. Keller, Andrea): Footprints. Andrea Keller, pno.
  • Shorter/Caswell: Follow the footprints. Karrin Allyson (vocal), Jazz Ensemble
  • Shorter, Wayne: Is It Yes or Is It No. Claire Martin, voc., Geoff Gascoyne, db., Jim Mullen, gtr., Josh Kyle, voc., Ralph Salmins, drums, Tom Cawley, pno.
  • Arlen/Koehler: I've got the world on a string. Steve Tyrell (vocal), Jazz Orchestra
  • Arle'/Koehler: Let's fall in love. Steve Tyrell (vocal), Jazz Ensemble
  • Von Tilzer/Brown: On by Jingo. Fireworks Jazz Band , Tom Baker (vocal)

  • 28th May

    Show Playlist
  • Williams/Williams: Royal Garden Blues. Eddie Condon All Stars.
  • Foster/Fitzgerald: Shiny Stockings. Dee Dee Bridgewater (vocal), large Orchestra
  • Elliington: Cottontail. Dee Dee Bridgewater (vocal),
  • Silver, Horace (arr. Palmquist, Bengt-Olov): Sister Sadie. The Idea of North .
  • Silver, Horace (arr. Hopkins, Greg): Nutville. Monash University Big Band .
  • Silver: Let me introduce you to yourself. Dee Dee Bridgewater (vocal), Jazz Ensemble
  • Silver: Lonely Woman. Dee Dee Bridgewater (vocal), Jazz Ensemble
  • Haymes: That's All. Oscar Peterson (piano), Joe Passs (guitar), Mickey Roker (drums), Niels Henning Orsted Pederson (bass)
  • zWhite/Franklin: Dr. Feelgood. Dee Dee Bridgewater (vocal), Jazz Trio
  • Monk: Bye-ya. Thelonious Monk Big Band
  • Monk: Straight, No Chaser. Phileas Fogg Trio
  • Kosma/Prevert: Autumn Leaves. Dee Dee Bridgewater (vocal), Jazz Trio
  • Brent/Dennis: Angel Eyes. Dee Dee Bridgewater (vocal) , Jazz Trio
  • Herbert/Dubin: Indian Summer. Duke Ellington Orchestra. Johnny Hodges (alto sax)
  • Herbert/Dubin: Indian Summer. Frank Sinatra (vocal), Duke Ellington Orchestra, Johnny Hodges (alto sax)
  • Sanicola/Sinatra: This love of mine. Gianni Marinucci (trumpet), Geoff Hughes (guitar), Frank DiSario (bass), Barnaby Gold (drums)
  • Wolf/Heron/Sinatra: I'm a fool to want you. Vince Jones (vocal), Jazz Ensemble
  • Torme/Wells: Born to be Blue. Ike Quebec (tenor sax), Grant Green (guitar), Sonny Clark (piano), Sam Jones (bass), Louis Hayes (drums)