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The USA has been at the heart of a musical revolution in the 20th and 21st centuries. The revolution embraces blues, jazz, big bands, folk, rock & roll, hip hop and much more.
Where does the US classical music  scene fit in all of this? Who were the main US composers? Were they European imports, or home-grown? Is there an American classical “sound”? Is the American classical scene self-standing, or is it merging with other streams such as film music, jazz and other art forms? Does the US have an established opera history? What are the greatest pieces of US classical music in the 20th and 21st centuries? Who are the greatest US classical performers?

This program will nibble away at some of those questions…

Alan Marshall grew up in the Salvation Army, but has very catholic tastes in music. Traditional and modern jazz, swing, folk, choral music and classical works from the Medieval era to the 20th century all have a place in his collection of well over two thousand CDs. He does draw the line, however, at the atonal and the minimalists.

But back to the beginning. As a young person, Alan played most of the lower brass instruments in Salvation Army bands for several years. He also learne...learn more