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A masterful exploration of the rich world of chamber music and song, in its many diverse forms, from the 18th century to the present day.

Christopher Ellis has had a long association with MBS stations. During his demanding working life as a teacher and Principal of independent schools in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, he was an involved listener. On retiring, he was delighted to be able to spend more time in a community of people who share his interest in music and broadcasting. He became a programmer and presenter, first at 5MBS Adelaide, where he presented a variety of general and specialist programs, and then here at 3MBS, where...learn more

17th September

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10th September

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3rd September

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  • Paganini: String Quartet No.3 in A minor, MS.20. Paganini String Quartet.
  • Liszt: Die Vaetergruft, S281. Joerg Demus, pno., Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, bar.
  • Rheinberger: Suite in C minor for organ, violin & cello, Op.149. Richard Lester, vlc., Paul Barritt, vln., Christopher Herrick, org.
  • Strauss R: Lieder Op.48. Louise Page, sop., Phillipa Candy, pno.
  • Janacek: Mladi (Youth). Walter Boeykens Ensemble.
  • Greenbaum: The Year Without a Summer. NZTrio.

  • 27th August

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  • Rossini: String Sonata No.6 in D. I Musici.
  • Beethoven: Horn Sonata in F, Op.17. Hermann Baumann, horn, Leonard Hokanson, pno.
  • Mendelssohn: String Quartet No.3 in D, Op.44/1. Australian String Quartet.
  • Mendelssohn: Es weiss und rat es doch keiner, Op. 99/6. Cora Burggraaf, sop., Phyllis Ferwerda, pno.
  • Mendelssohn: Nachtlied, Op.71/6. Cora Burggraaf, sop., Phyllis Ferwerda, pno.
  • Mendelssohn: Song of the Reeds, Op.71/4. Cora Burggraaf, sop., Phyllis Ferwerda, pno.
  • Anderson: Piano Quartet in C minor. Ian Munro, pno., Erica Kennedy, vln., Zoe Knighton, vlc., Helen Ireland, vla.

  • 20th August

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  • Svendsen: String Octet in A Major, Op.3. Academy of St Martin in the Fields.
  • Chausson: Piano trio in G minor, Op.3. Les Musiciens.
  • Chausson: The hummingbird, Op.2/7. Irwin Gage, pno., Christine Schafer, sop.
  • Chausson: Nocturne, Op.8/1. Irwin Gage, pno., Christine Schafer, sop.
  • Chausson: Printemps triste, Op.8/3. Irwin Gage, pno., Christine Schafer, sop.
  • Martinu: Sonata for Flute, Violin and Piano, H.254. Fenwick Smith, fte., Sally Pinkas, pno., Haidan Martinson, vln.
  • Stanhope: Piano Quartet, My Song is Love Unknown. Kathryn Selby, pno., Julian Smiles, vlc., Elizabeth Layton, vln., Glen Donnelly, vla.

  • 13th August

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  • Lachner: Wind Quintet No.2 in E Flat. Ensemble Vienna-Berlin.
  • Widor: Piano Trio in B flat, Op.19. Ilona Prunyi, pno., New Budapest Quartet.
  • Hill: String Quartet No.13 in E flat. Dominion Quartet.
  • Finzi: Let us garlands bring, Op.18. Teddy Tahu Rhodes, bar., Sharolyn Kimmorley, pno.
  • Poulenc: Flute Sonata. Peter-Lukas Graf, fte., Bernd Glemser, pno.

  • 6th August

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  • Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending. Timothy Young, pno., Vivien Jeffery, vln.
  • Vaughan Williams: Merciless Beauty. Ian Partridge, ten., Hugh Bean, vln., Eileen Croxford, vlc., Frances Mason, vln.
  • Stanford: Sonata for Clarinet and Piano in F, Op.129. Thea King, cl., Clifford Benson, pno.
  • Clarke: Piano trio. Andrew Watkinson, vln., Martin Roscoe, pno., David Waterman, vlc.
  • Bartok: String Quartet No.6, Sz.114. Emerson String Quartet.
  • Vine: Inner World. David Pereira, vlc.

  • 30th July

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  • Handel: Flute Sonata in E minor, HWV379. Lisa Beznosiuk, fte., Locatelli Trio.
  • Bach: Partita in E, BWV1006. Elizabeth Wallfisch, vln.
  • Telemann: Suite in B flat for two oboes, strings and continuo. King's Consort/Robert King.
  • Tartini: Violin sonata in G minor 'The Devil's Trill'. Locatelli Trio.
  • Mozart: Das Veilchen, K.476. Erik Werba, pno., Rita Streich, sop.
  • Mozart: Die Zufriedenheit, K.473. Erik Werba, pno., Rita Streich, sop.
  • Mozart: The little spinner, K.531. Erik Werba, pno., Rita Streich, sop.
  • Mozart: Geheime Liebe, K.150. Erik Werba, pno., Rita Streich, sop.
  • Mozart: The Sorcerer, KV472. Erik Werba, pno., Rita Streich, sop.
  • Haydn: String Quartet in G, Hob.III:41, Op.33/5, How do you do. Salomon Quartet.

  • 23rd July

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  • Bridge: Phantasy Trio in C minor. Hartley Trio.
  • Moeran: Cello Sonata in A minor. Raphael Wallfisch, vlc., John York, pno.
  • Moeran: Songs of Springtime. Finzi Singers/Paul Spicer.
  • Faure: Piano Trio in D minor, Op.120. Philippe Berrod, cl., Eric Picard, vlc., Pascal Gallet, pno.
  • Shostakovich: String Quartet No. 9 in E flat, Op.117. Brodsky Quartet.
  • Lovelock: Suite for saxophone quartet. Peter Clinch Saxophone Quartet.