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A program celebrating all fine music composed by Australians.

15th March

Show Playlist
  • Young: A Change of Plea. Lisa Young, voc., Lisa Young Quartet.
  • Pertout: Fragments of the Soul, No.360. Speak Percussion.
  • Eames: String Quartet No 2, III Rustica.
  • Wells: Copenhagen Christmas. Alicia Crossley, rec., Acacia Quartet.
  • Gyger: Lush for piccolo & piano. Amanda Chominsky, Simon Docking.
  • Wallin: Sense, Back Ropes (Resolution), Emotion from CONJUNCT.
  • Althoff: Solar Compexus.
  • Grant: Litte Things. Nat Grant, perc.
  • Finsterer: Pascal's Sphere. Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne.
  • Greenbaum: Five Tales of Human Endeavour. Ken Murray, gtr.

  • 8th March

    Show Playlist
  • Sutherland: Concertante for Oboe and Strings. Jiri Tancibudek, oboe, Melbourne SO/Patrick Thomas.
  • Lim: Xi. The Song Company/Roland Peelman.
  • Boyd: As All Waters Flow. Sydney Chamber Choir, Sydney University Symphony Orch Soloists, Sydney Percussion/Nicholas Routley.
  • Finsterer: Sequi. Arditti String Quartet.

  • 1st March

    Show Playlist
  • Evans: When the Sky Cries Rainbows. Brett Hirst, Toby Hall, Alister Spence, James Greening, Phil Slater, Sandy Evans.
  • Interview with Caroline Neeling and Monica Curro, the Founder and Artistic Director of the inaugural Women in Music Festival from 9-10 March 2019 at RMIT University on Swanston St. women
  • Shields: Where the Rivers Meet. Rachel Shields, voice and guitar, Lee Stout, slide guitar.
  • Wallin: Wave form.
  • Wolf: Chroma. Alex Raineri, piano.
  • Glanville-Hicks: Tragic Celebration. Tasmanian SO/Richard Mills.
  • Hyde: Piano Concerto No. 1 in E Flat minor. Miriam Hyde, pno., West Australian SO/Geoffrey Simon.
  • Henderson: Glassbury Documents No. 1. Deborah de Graaff, cl.

  • 22nd February

    Show Playlist
  • Tabua-Harrison: Omega. Holly Harrison, drums, Joseph Tabua, guitar.
  • Ryan: Solitude. Matt Withers, guitar, Acacia Quartet.
  • Trewartha: Trumpet Concerto. Josh Rogan, trumpet.
  • Hughes: Void. Elliot Hughes, trumpet.
  • McNamara: Distorted Waters. Dogen Kinowaki, flute, Tomoya Kikuchi, cello.
  • Hope: Platinum Fox. Lucas O'Brien (violin), Clare Tunney (cello), Bruce Thompson (Bass trombone), Alan Lourens (tuba), Louse Devenish (timpani) and Phil Waldron (Double Bass).
  • Lim: Amulet. Jennifer Curl, vla.
  • Dean: Beggars and Angels. Melbourne SO/Markus Stenz.
  • Holland: Piano Sonata. Tessa Birnie, pno.

  • 15th February

    Show Playlist
  • Davidson: Forest. Matt Withers, guitar.
  • Interview with 2Hz (Hamish Upton and Zela Papageorgiou) about SOUTH SPACE in the Classic Southside Room at Classic Cinema, Elsternwick on Sunday the 17th of February 2019.
  • Harrison: 'A' is for Alice. Antonietta Loffredo, pno.
  • Portelli: Memory Tape. Stephen Menotti, trombone, Ellen Fallowfield, cello.
  • Eotvos: Counterpoint: How does a Miller. Claire Edwardes, perc.
  • Eotvos: Counterpoint: And I was Tired. Claire Edwardes, perc., Jason Noble, cl.
  • Eotvos: Counterpoint: Book of Flying. Claire Edwardes, perc.
  • Eotvos: Counterpoint: No Man. Claire Edwardes, perc.
  • Lentz: Caeli enarrant…..IV. Australian String Quartet, Cymbal Ensemble.
  • Sutherland: Haunted Hills. Melbourne SO/John Hopkins.

  • 8th February

    Show Playlist
  • Davidson: Landscape. Lisa Stewart, violin, Myee Clohessy, violin, Stefan Duwe, viola, Anna Martin-Scrase, cello, Matt Withers, guitar.
  • Rainer: To Let the Grass Grow. Eleanor Adeney, voice, Courtney Cook, clarinet, Michael Gibson, cellist, Imogen Scott-Parker, piano, Alys Rainer, speaker.
  • Neal: Particle Zoo II. Arcko Symphonic Ensemble. Joy Lee, piano.
  • Schultz: Violin Concerto, Op.55. Jennifer Pike, vln., Tasmanian SO/Richard Mills.
  • Bailey: Unity. The Sydney Conservatorium of Music Jazz Orchestra.

  • 1st February

    Show Playlist
  • Griswold: Clouds in White. The Australian Art Orchestra.
  • Yap: Treading a line between states of flux. Ensemble Mise-en.
  • Xiao: Solstice I. Luke Carbon, cl., Nimbus Trio.
  • Wilson: Canon Y. Australian National Academy of Music Percussionists.
  • Pertout: Exposiciones. Louse Devenish, perc.
  • Boyd: String Quartet No.2 "Play on the Water". Spring Quartet.
  • Vine: Piano Concerto No.1. Michael Kieran Harvey, pno., Sydney SO/Edo de Waart.

  • 25th January

    Show Playlist
  • Bailey: Another Journey mvt. III. The Sydney Conservatorium Jazz Orchestra.
  • Lawson: In the Red Fire of Passion. Forest Collective.
  • Interview with Evan Lawson about Orpheus by Forest Collective, presented as part of the Midsumma Festival at the Abbotsford Convent from Jan 31 to Feb 3.
  • Lawson: Sikinnis III. Forest Collective.
  • Wolf: Want Not. Rubiks Collective.
  • Little: Two Nocturnes. The Modern Music Ensemble at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
  • Hope: Cruel and Usual. Zachary Johnston, Lizzy Welsh, Phoebe Grey, Judith Hamman and Samuel Dunscomb.
  • Kay: The Legend of Moinee. The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra/Richard Mills. Christian Wojtowicz, cello.