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A program celebrating all fine music composed by Australians.

16th November

Show Playlist
  • Grabowsky: Sisyphus. Paul Grabowsky Sextet.
  • Morris: Forest Over the Sea. Carolyn Morris, pno., Peter Sheridan, fte., Jessica Hateley, fte.
  • Kats-Chernin: Golden Kitsch - Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra. Claire Edwardes, perc., Melbourne SO/Benjamin Northey.
  • Mageau: Concerto Grosso. Queensland SO, Brisbane Baroque Trio/Wilfred Lehmann.
  • Yu: Piano Trio. Roger Heagney, pno., Isin Cakmakcioglu, vln., Rachel Atkinson, vlc.
  • Barton: I Dream of Sacred .. I Am My Dream. William Barton, didjeridu, Southern Cross Soloists.
  • Duncan: The Crab Feast. Danae Killian, pno., Steven Fitzgerald, perc.

  • 9th November

    Show Playlist
  • Keller: Machine Gun Piano. Shannon Barnett, tbn., Gian Slater, voc., Andrea Keller Quartet.
  • Meale: String Quartet No.1. Kreutzer Quartet.
  • Dean: Night Window. Brett Dean, vla., Timothy Young, pno., Richard Haynes, cl.
  • Lentz: Caeli enarrant…..IV. Matthew Madden, perc., Emma Ayers, perc., Julian Day, perc., Australian String Quartet.
  • Illean: Januaries. Philharmonia Orchestra/Patrick Bailey.
  • Abbott: Undercurrent. HD Duo.

  • 2nd November

    Show Playlist
  • Interview
  • Piece by interviewee
  • Pertout: Azadeh, for Santur and tape, No.389. Qmars Piraglu, santur.

  • 26th October

    Show Playlist
  • Henderson: Cross Hatching. Stephanie McCallum, piano.
  • Hyde: Clarinet Sonata in F minor. Nigel Westlake, clarinet, David Bollard, piano.
  • Gross: Friends and Acquaintances.
  • Kats-Chernin: Stairs. Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Stuart Challender.
  • Sabin: Barren Grounds. Perihelion.
  • Wesley-Smith: Balibo. Geoffrey Collins, flute.
  • Baker: Phoenix Songs: Prelude, Arabesque, Rhapsody. Genevieve Lacy, recorders, Robert Chamberlain, piano.
  • Harvey: Toccata DNA. Michael Kieran Harvey, piano.

  • 19th October

    No available playlist

    12th October

    Show Playlist
  • Keller: Where is Everybody?. Genevieve Lacey, rec., James Crabb, accordion.
  • Interview with Six-Four
  • Yap. Treading a line between states of flux. Ensemble Mise-En.
  • Donohue. Passing. (Find players).
  • Eotvos: Counterpoint: How does a Miller. Claire Edwardes, perc.
  • Eotvos: Counterpoint: And I was Tired. Claire Edwardes, perc., Jason Noble, cl.
  • Eotvos: Counterpoint: Book of Flying. Claire Edwardes, perc.
  • Eotvos: Counterpoint: No Man. Claire Edwardes, perc.

  • 5th October

    Show Playlist
  • Keller: Hand Me Downs. Andrea Keller Quartet.
  • Interview with Ernie Gruner. Bowlines CD Launch.
  • Music from Bowlines CD.
  • Gyger. Seven pieces of orchestra: for seventy players. Adelaide Symphony Orchestra/David Porcelijn.
  • Abbott: Midnight Songs. Three.
  • Selleck: Unspoken Dialogues. Andrew Day, fte., David Laughton, pno.
  • Bandt: Magpie. Ruth Wilkinson, rec.
  • Greenbaum: Lavender for Hanna. Amir Farid, pno.

  • 28th September

    Show Playlist
  • Keller: Paddock Offence, Parts I & 2. Hustas-Keller.
  • Greenbaum: Sonata for Trombone and Piano. Konrad Olszewski, pno., Joel Brennan, tpt.
  • Edwards: Laikan. Australia Ensemble.
  • Kouvaras: enter the dream which includes all dreams. Linda Kouvaras, pno., Australian Contempory Chorale/Hildy Essex.
  • Hopkins: Reclaiming the Spirit. Perihelion.
  • Bandt: Confetti. Tony Hicks, sax., Lachlan Davidson, sax., Eugene Ughetti, perc.
  • Bandt: Kim's Song.
  • Hope: Shadow of Mill. Tristen Parr, cello.
  • Cocolas: Stalactite.

  • 21st September

    Show Playlist
  • Kats-Chernin: Russian Rag. Lisa Moore, pno.
  • Kats-Chernin: Calliope Dreaming. Streeton Trio.
  • Kats-Chernin: Cadences, Deviations & Scarlatti. Sydney Alpha Ensemble/David Stanhope.
  • Kats-Chernin: Golden Kitsch - Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra. Claire Edwardes, perc., Melbourne SO/Benjamin Northey.
  • Kats-Chernin: Wild Swans Suite, excerpts. Jane Sheldon, sop., Tasmanian SO/Ola Rudner.
  • Kats-Chernin: Blue Silence. Laura Chislett, fte.
  • Dean: Between Moments. Sue-Ellen Paulsen, vlc., Tasmanian SO/Sebastian Lang-Lessing.
  • Dean: Sextet: Old Kings in Exile. Syzygy Ensemble.
  • Dean: Viola Concerto. Brett Dean, vla., Sydney SO/Simone Young.
  • Dean: To look yet not find. Gondwana Voices/Lyn Williams.