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A program celebrating all fine music composed by Australians.

17th May

Show Playlist
  • Bailey: Man in the Brown Suit. Harry Sutherland, pno., Paul Weber, tbn., Paul Murchison, tpt., Judy Bailey's Jazz Connection.
  • Grainger: In a Nutshell, Suite. Adelaide SO/John Hopkins.
  • Glanville-Hicks: Etruscan concerto. Keith Jarrett, pno., Brooklyn PO/Dennis Russell Davies.
  • Beath: Dreams and Visions. Queensland SO/Mark Summerbell.
  • Sculthorpe: Great Sandy Island. Adelaide SO/James Judd.
  • Lentz: Mohn. Unnamed Orch/ Unnamed Conductor.

  • 10th May

    Show Playlist
  • Barnett: Sidelines. Shannon Barnett Quartet.
  • O'Boyle: Concerto for Shakuhachi and Orchestra. Riley Lee, shakuhachi, Queensland SO/Sean O'Boyle.
  • Hindson: Technologic 135. Elektra String Quartet.
  • Sculthorpe: Sun Song. Adelaide SO/David Porcelijn.
  • Various (arr. Buc): 80s Mixtape. Benaud Trio.
  • Lim: Burning House. Satsuki Odamura, koto.
  • Dean: Game Over. Tasmanian SO/Sebastian Lang-Lessing.
  • Ceff: Mistika. Linda Ceff, pno.
  • Ceff: Newbells. Linda Ceff, computer.

  • 3rd May

    Show Playlist
  • Bailey: Hide and Seek. Judy Bailey Trio.
  • Abbott: Making Angels. Syzygy Ensemble.
  • Finsterer: Nyx. Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble.
  • Antill: The Song of Hagar to Abraham the Patriarch. Janet Delpratt, sop., Alan Crooks, ten., Adelaide SO, Corinthian Singers, Festival Chorale, Adeliade/Patrick Thomas.
  • Lentz: Caeli enarrant…..IV. Matthew Madden, perc., Emma Ayers, perc., Julian Day, perc., Australian String Quartet.
  • Harvey: 48 Fugues for Frank No.2: The Girl in the Magnesium Dress. Michael Kieran Harvey, pno.

  • 26th April

    Show Playlist
  • Keller: Sweet Cacophony. Three Lanes.
  • Martin: What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. Silo String Quartet.
  • Sabin: Inner-city Counterpoints. Perihelion.
  • Dean: Viola Concerto. Brett Dean, vla., Sydney SO/Simone Young.
  • Kats-Chernin: Displaced Dances. Stephanie McCallum, pno., Adelaide SO/David Stanhope.
  • Endean: Apparition.

  • 19th April

    Show Playlist
  • Keller: D-B-G. Three Lanes.
  • Maclean: Osanna Mass. Sydney Chamber Choir/Paul Stanhope.
  • Sculthorpe: Requiem for solo cello. David Pereira, vlc.
  • Conyngham: Southern Cross, double concerto for violin, piano & orchestra. Roger Woodward, pno., Wanda Wilkomirska, vln., Sydney SO/Niklaus Wyss.
  • Abbott: Midnight Songs. Three.

  • 12th April

    Show Playlist
  • Henderson: Kydikynah Cave. Matt Withers and the Acacia Quartet.
  • Gould: Duet. Tony Gould, piano, Richard Runnels, horn.
  • Martin: X-ray baby: for improvising orchestra. Arcko Symphonic Ensemble/Timothy Phillips.
  • Hope: Shadow of Mill. Tristen Parr, cello.
  • Rogeon: Excerpts from 24 Hours in Lapa. Orchestra Victoria.
  • Meale: Nocturnes. Sydney Symphony Orchestra/David Porcelijn.
  • Hyde: Village Fair. Sydney Symphony Orchestra/Dobbs Franks.

  • 5th April

    Show Playlist
  • Bailey: Theme 3. Judy Bailey Septet.
  • Ford: Learning to Howl. Alice Giles, harp, Merlyn Quaife, sop., Timothy Phillips, perc., Karen Heath, cl.
  • Kats-Chernin: Wild Swans Suite. Jane Sheldon, sop., Tasmanian SO/Ola Rudner.
  • Yu: Sonata for Piano. Michael Kieran Harvey, pno.

  • 29th March

    Show Playlist
  • Bailey: I Remember Thelonius. Judy Bailey Trio.
  • Pollard: The Heavenly Muzak Machine. Speak Percussion.
  • Cassomenos: Prelude, Fugue & Tableau No.1 in D. Yarra Trio.
  • Blom: Tryptych. Clive Birch, bass-baritone, Josephine Allan, pno., Jenny Duck-Chong, m-sop., Alison Morgan, sop., James Wannan, vla., Kaylie Dunstan, perc.
  • Beath: Dreams and Visions. Queensland SO/Mark Summerbell.
  • Antill: Harmonica Concerto. Lionel Easton, harmonica, Sydney SO/John Antill.
  • Holland: Nocturne. Dulcie Holland, pno.

  • 22nd March

    Show Playlist
  • Bailey: Moving On. Ken Allars, tpt., Paul Weber, tbn., Ross Harrington, sax., Rob Turner, drums, Judy Bailey's Jazz Connection.
  • de Jager: Elegy - Trio for Piano, Viola & Oboe. Peter de Jager, pno., Amelia Coleman, oboe, Ben Caddy, vla., Amelia Coleman, cor ang.
  • Odamura: Kotobayashi, suite of four trio improvisations. Ian Cleworth, perc., Satsuki Odamura, koto, Kazue Sawai, koto.
  • Althoff: Sun Music 26.
  • Gross: Mandolin Concerto No.2. Paul Hooper, mndln., Tasmanian SO/Patrick Thomas.
  • Glanville-Hicks: Sonata for Piano & Percussion. Susanne Powell, pno., CSM Percussion Ensemble/Michael Askill.
  • Stella: A Tissue of Quotations, Part I. Sacha Stella, pno.
  • Stella: A Tissue of Quotations, Part Il. Sacha Stella, pno.