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A program celebrating all fine music composed by Australians.

16th February

Show Playlist
  • Barlow: Bunyip. Dale Barlow Quartet.
  • Broadstock: Beast from Air. Barrie Webb, tbn., Julian Warburton, perc.
  • Dean: The Lost Art of Letter Writing. Frank Peter Zimmerman, vln, Sydney Symphony Orchestra/Jonathan Nott.
  • Keller: Boy. String Ensemble, Three Lanes.
  • Abbott: No Ordinary Traveller. Jenny Duck-Chong, m-sop., Halcyon.
  • Page & Hamman: iii (From Gossamers)

  • 9th February

    Show Playlist
  • Harvoe
  • Chan: Passage & Calcium Light Night. New Sydney Wind Quintet.
  • Hyde: Piano Concerto No. 1 in E Flat minor. Miriam Hyde, pno., West Australian SO/Geoffrey Simon.
  • Harris: Compossible XIV. Natsuko Yoshimoto, vln., James Cuddeford, vln.
  • Dench: Ik(s)land(s). Deborah Kayser, sop., Elision/Carl Rosman.
  • Page: Courb Dominante for solo flute, alto flute and sarurnian sound spectre. Laura Chislett, fte.
  • Nordhuis

  • 2nd February

    Show Playlist
  • Oh: 10 Minutes Till Closing. James Muller, gtr., Ben Wendel, sax., Linda Oh, db., Ted Poor, drums.
  • Kats-Chernin: The Witching Hour. Australian World Orchestra/Alexander Briger
  • Moore: Homage to my Boots. Ashley Bathgate, vcl.
  • Schultz: Collide for Bass Clarinet & Percussion (1990). Duo Contemporain.
  • Dreyfus: Odyssey for a lone bassoon. Matthew Wilkie, bsn.
  • Zadro: Vox Box for solo amplified bass flute and vocalisations. Laura Chislett, fte.
  • Oliviero: Calliphora. Ben Carey, electronics, Alicia Crossley, rec.
  • Nagorcka: Ceremonial Song for the Cleansing of the Wind. Ron Nagorcka, Ole Jorgen Melhus, tbn, David Scott Hamnes, organ.

  • 26th January

    Show Playlist
  • Alister Spence: As True. Alister Spence Trio.
  • Kate Moore: Coral Speak: Louise Devenish, perc.
  • Finsterer: Tract. David Pereira, vlc.
  • Elliott Gyger: Petit Testament. Alison Morgan sop. Jenny Duck-Chong mez. Sally Whitwell pno.
  • Liza Lim: Our Embraces Are a Banquet of Revolving Time.
  • Anthony Pateras and Erkki Veltheim: The Slow Creep of Convenience

  • 19th January

    Show Playlist
  • Andrew Murray: The ATM Boogaloo. ATM15. Soloists: Paddy McMullin, tpt, Tim Wilson, sax.
  • Michelle Nelson: Brolga Dances. Jill Johnson, mndln., Michelle Nelson, gtr., Melbourne Mandolin Orch/Slava Iourgaev.
  • Carl Vine: Oboe Concerto. Diana Doherty, oboe, Tasmanian SO/Ola Rudner.
  • Peggy Polias: The Moon. Kammerklang Chamber Orchestra/Hoshimi Sakai
  • Kate Moore: Debris & Alchemy I, II & III. Ensemble Klang.
  • Catherine Leahy: Skins. Jeanell Carrigan, pno.
  • Grainger arr. Lyle Chan: Irish Tune from County Derry. New Sydney Wind Quintet.

  • 12th January

    Show Playlist
  • McGann: Salaam. Bernie McGann Trio.
  • Evans: Five Portraits of Bellingen. Snap.
  • Sutherland: Saxophone Sonata. Daniel Herscovitch, pno., Margery Smith, sax.
  • Sculthorpe: Island Songs. Amy Dickson, sax., Sydney SO/Benjamin Northey.
  • Abbott: Egyptian Wish. Barrie Cockcroft, sax., Joseph Lallo, sax., Jessica Voigt, sax.
  • Bandt: Confetti. Tony Hicks, sax., Lachlan Davidson, sax., Eugene Ughetti, perc.
  • Marcellino: Whispers of Fauvel. Daryl Pratt, perc., Margery Smith, sax.
  • Ford: Four Winds. Continuum Sax.
  • Carey: _Derivations. Joshua Hyde, sax.

  • 5th January

    Show Playlist
  • Brumby: Capriccio. Robert Woodward, saxaphone.
  • Brumby: Violin Concerto No.2. Jan Sedivka, vln., Queensland SO/Werner Andreas Albert.
  • Brumby: Four Songs of the Sea. National Boys' Choir of Australia, QC Ensemble/Peter Casey.
  • Bertram: Seven Sarcasms for an Out-Of-Tune Piano. Michael Kieran Harvey, pno.
  • Walker: King Ludwig's Swans. Alison Morgan, sop., Belinda Montgomery, sop., Jenny Duck-Chong, mez., Jo Burton, mez., Genevieve Lang, harp.
  • Wilkins: Hypnotic Struggle. Keyna Wilkins, pno.
  • Turvey: Solitude (in memory of Arthur Boyd). New Palm Court Orchestra.
  • Houghton: Stele. John Williams, gtr.
  • Chisholm: Luminal, excerpts. Silo String Quartet.

  • 29th December

    Show Playlist
  • Westlake: Babe: Pig in the City, excerpts. Melbourne SO/Nigel Westlake.
  • Jen Anderson: Pandora's Box - The Soundtrack. Various.
  • Dreyfus: Great Expectations. Unnamed Orch/ Unnamed Conductor.
  • Le Gallienne: Film music, The Prize. Unnamed Orch/George Logie Smith.
  • Greenaway: The Feud Suite. Louise Page, sop., Sally Greenaway, pno., Louise Page, narrator, String Quintet.
  • Finsterer: South Solitary: Film Score. Louise Johnson, harp, Genevieve Lang, harp, Kate Malone, vln., Mary Finsterer, pno., Sydney Scoring Orch/ Various.

  • 22nd December

    Show Playlist
  • Madden: Dear Mr Nick. Frances Madden, pno., Frances Madden, voc., Jazz Ensemble.
  • Berlin: White Christmas. Tony Gould, pno.
  • Traditional (arr. Schroder): The first noel. Ken Schroder, sax.
  • Torme (arr. Lowden): The Christmas Song. Melbourne SO/Bramwell Tovey.
  • Edwards: Five Carols from Quem Quaeritis. The Carlson Chorale/Rosalind Carlson.
  • Grainger: Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol. Leslie Howard, pno., /John Rutter.
  • Various (arr. Kenny): Jazzed up jingles. Tea Rose Duo.
  • Springer (arr. Thomas): Santa Baby. Australian Brandenburg Orch, Brandenburg Choir/Paul Dyer.
  • Kats-Chernin: Prelude and Cube. Jane Sheldon, sop., Brandenburg Orch, Brandenburg Choir/Paul Dyer.
  • Willcock: Southern Star. Marshall McGuire, harp, Suzanne Shakespeare, sop., Trinity College Choir, Melbourne/Michael Leighton Jones.
  • Kent: I'll Be Home for Christmas. Tony Gould, pno.
  • Anonymous (arr. Chance): The Wexford Carol. Maximilian Riebl, countertenor, Brandenburg Choir/Paul Dyer.
  • Llewellyn: O Wonder. Nancy Davis Booth, sop., Catalina CO/Enrique Lansky.