A magical musical journey down memory lane; a delightful pot-pourri of much-loved songs, big-band works and dance music from the sunset of the Edwardian age to the 1950s.

15th July

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  • Whiting, Richard A.: One Hour With You. Gladys Moncrieff, sop.
  • Shilkret, Nat: Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time. Gladys Moncrieff, sop.
  • Powell, Felix: Pack Up Your Troubles. Murray Johnson, bar.
  • Elliot, Zo: There's a Long, Long Trail. John McCormack, ten. Shannon Four, Unnamed Orch/Joseph Pasternack.
  • Francis, Walter William: Australia Will BeThere. Alexander Prince, concertina .
  • Sarony, Leslie: I lift up my finger and I say 'Tweet Tweet'. Gracie Fields, voc.
  • Henderson, Ray: Animal Crackers in My Soup. Shirley Temple, vocals Unnamed Orch .

  • 8th July

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  • Drummond: Eton Boating Song. George Mitchell Choir; Stanley Black Orch
  • Sullivan: None shall part us (Iolanthe). Elsie Morison & John Cameron
  • Rowland: River and Love themes from "All the Rivers Run" Melbourne SO
  • Youmans: No No Nanette. Stephanie Voss (with Orch cond. Bobby Richards)
  • Youmans: Tea for two (from 'No, No, Nanette'). The Comedy Harmonists
  • Scott: In an eighteenth century drawing room. Albert Sandler Trio
  • Askey/Murdoch: The Proposal. Arthur Askey & Richard Murdoch
  • Arditi: The Parla Waltz. Bogna Sokorska; Orch of the Polish Radio/Stefan Rachon
  • Lehar: You are my heart's delight (Land of Smiles). Richard Tauber
  • Benes: This is the way the puff-puff goes. Arthur Lally; Johhny Helfer & John Firman
  • McHugh: On the sunny side of the street. Fritz Schulz-Reichel
  • Trad: Blow the man down. Roger Wagner Chorale
  • Johann Strauss Jr: Mein Herr Marquis (Die Fledermaus). Hilda Geuden; Vienna State Opera Orch
  • Moore: Bendemeer's Stream. John Charles Thomas

  • 1st July

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  • Adamson, Harold: Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer. Anne Shelton, voc. Ambrose and His Orch .
  • Malotte, Albert .Hay,: Song of the Open Road. Ronal Jackson, bar. Unnamed Orch/ Unnamed Conductor.
  • David, Felicien: La Perle du Bresil: Charmant oiseau. Glenda Raymond, sop. Unnamed Orch/ Unnamed Conductor.
  • Davies, Harold Parr: Pedro the Fisherman. Graham Kennedy, whistler, Janice Taylor, sop. Unnamed Orch/ Unnamed Conductor.

  • 24th June

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    17th June

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    10th June

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    3rd June

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    27th May

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  • Anderson: The Syncopated Clock. Ballarat YWCA Choir/Mrs WHK Young
  • Stanton: Fat Li'l fella wid his mammy's eyes; Wood: Shortnin' Bread. Paul Robeson, bass
  • Trad: Margie; Avalon; How'm I doin'? Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye, pno
  • Romberg: The Desert Song. Beverley Sills, sop., Sherrill Milnes, bar., New York City Opera Orch/Julius Rudel.
  • Romberg: The Desert Song: One Alone. Donald Smith, ten., Adelaide SO/John Lanchbery.
  • Romberg: The Riff Song. Gordon McRae
  • Trad: We're bound for Botany Bay. Tony Fenelon, org.
  • Moller: The Happy Wanderer. Obenkirchen Childen's Choir/Edith Moller
  • Herbert: Sweetheart Waltz (from Sweethearts). Jeanette MacDonald with orch/Russ Case
  • Scott: Corn on the Cob (Progressive Barn Dance). Harry Davidson Orch
  • Herbert: Tramp, tramp, tramp (Naughty Marietta). Nelson Eddy; orch & chorus/Nathaniel Shilkret
  • Trad: Oh no John. Patricia Clark; Leslie Fyson
  • Harline: Give a little whistle (Pinnochio). Victor Sylvester Orch
  • J.Strauss Jr: Mein Herr Marquis (Die Fledermaus). Hilde Geuden; Vienna State Opera Orch
  • Pearson: All Creatures Great and Small (theme). Johnny Pearson Orch
  • Stolz: Goodbye (White Horse Inn). Richartd Tauber, ten.

  • 20th May

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  • I'll take you home again, Kathleen. Clive Amadiio Quintet
  • (arr. Flotsam & Jetsam): The Merry Peasant. Malcolm McEachern, bass.
  • Black? Much Binding in the Marsh. Richard Murdch, Maurice Denham
  • Jessel: Parade of the Wooden Soldiers. International Novelty Orch
  • tba It was a lover and his lass.
  • Rox: It's a big, wide, wonderful world. Leroy Holmes Orch & Chorus
  • Trad: Tiritomba. Joseph Schmidt
  • Trad: Margie, Avalon, How'm I doin'? Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye
  • Grosz: Isle of Capri. Gracie Fields
  • Trad: A Gordon for me. Primo Scala' Accordeon Band
  • Martine: Dad's Birthday Waltz. Donald Peers, BBC Variety Orch/Rae Jenkin
  • Bernie & Pinkard: Sweet Georgia Brown. Brother Bones
  • arr Somers: Celebration selection. Debroy Somers Band