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In June 1975, the Music Broadcasting Society of Victoria realised it’s dream – a 24-hour classical music radio station which would rely on listeners subscribing to the service. In return subscribers would receive a printed program guide with details of the music scheduled. It was a simple concept but the idea itself paved the way in establishing community radio in Australia as a citizen powered and  listener funded media sector. 3MBS’s humble origins from Brian Cabena’s shop in Kew, the move to Abbotsofrd Convent in 2007 and the station’s future are explored in this 2-hour through archival material and interviews with the people involved. This is our story.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Loretto Perkins was driving to work one morning, listening as usual to 3MBS, when she heard a request for people who would like to train as broadcasters. Such an idea had never occurred to her till then, but she thought she might enjoy it. Only four participants in her course - Susan Porter, Doug Beecroft, John van Bavel and Loretto – remain at the station. The gang of four became good friends. When a vacancy arose for 'Singers and Songs,' Loretto had her arm twisted. No singer herself, but an...learn more