Professor Catherine Crock AM is a physician at the Royal Children’s Hospital, a doctor who changed the institutional culture by prioritising children and family support. She introduced changes to pain management and altered the environment to reduce stress levels. This led to the foundation in 2000 of the Hush Collection, music written for use in hospitals to evoke calmness and optimism. Since then, eighteen CDs have been produced, featuring many Australian composers and musicians. Catherine is also the co-founder of the Gathering of Kindness, a grassroots movement that seeks to address a poor healthcare culture by focussing on building a kind health culture. In 2015 Catherine was made a Member of the Order of Australia for significant service to medicine and to the arts. Catherine talks with Kiera Stevens on Reflections and you can hear their conversation by clicking on the arrow below.  (This interview was first broadcast on 3MBS on 21 April 2019.)