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the Next Generation of Talented Music-Makers

2022 marks a time of renewed activity at 3MBS as the station transitions from COVID-19 restrictions and recommences our full range of live performances. The station is so excited to welcome the return of the 3MBS community as we celebrate the creative talents of some of Melbourne’s best emerging musicians.

This year’s 3MBS Victorian Young Performer Award will take place at 2:00pm Sunday 23 October at the Good Shepherd Chapel, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford. This year marks 34 years since the Award’s inception and provides a vital platform for talented young musicians to compete for a major state prize.

The benefits of the Victorian Young Performer Award are far reaching:

  • It offers professional performance and broadcast opportunities to talented young musicians.
  • It offers an opportunity to compete for the prestigious state award and for the Victorian winner to compete at a national level alongside four other national finalists representing the five MBS Network stations.
  • The live event aims to attract a live audience of all ages and to connect with the station’s increasing culturally diverse listenership.
  • It increases access to classical music for local communities through live music and high-quality broadcasting.
  • It supports creativity through artist engagement.

This Award is an important milestone and of great benefit for many young classical musicians looking to further their careers. It teaches them discipline through rigorous training, allowing them to benchmark their musical talents against the demanding expectations of the national and international classical music landscape and can be a pathway for further study, training and live performance. Some of Australia’s leading professional musicians were national winners of this competition including pianists Hoang Pham and Amir Farid; violinists Tessa Ho and Leon Fei; soprano Kathryn Radcliffe and cellists, Charlotte Miles and Rohan de Korte. 

That is why we need your support.

Your support as a 2022 3MBS Victorian Young Performer Angel will allow the station to continue producing this event to support Melbourne’s young musicians and to provide them with indispensable opportunities to showcase their creative talents on stage. As Melbourne slowly recovers from the pandemic, these initiatives are crucial for a cohort who has lost opportunities over the past three years. If there was ever a time to support our young creatives, it is now. 

Donations of $100 and above will be acknowledged on the dedicated event page on the 3MBS website and in the live event printed program.

Your support upholds the legacy of this prestigious competition and its influence on the careers of emerging musicians and will allow 3MBS to continue this important youth program into the future.

Become a 2022 3MBS Victorian Young Performer Angel today.

2022 3MBS Young Performer Award Angels

We extend our thanks to the following Angel donors who have made the 2022 3MBS Victorian Young Performer Award possible. The financial support will assist young musicians to take the next step.

Premiere Angels ($5,000+)

Alan & Shirley Richmond

Silver Angels ($1,000+)

Barbara Adams

Dr Jerry Koliha & Marlene Krelle

Jane Kunstler

Anonymous (4)

Bronze Angels ($500+)

Luisa Banks & Eugene Antczak

Dr Marie Dalziel

John E Smith

Voi Williams OAM

Anonymous (3)

Blue Angels ($100+)

John & Maureen Barns

Janet Cooper

Elisabeth Giddy

Edward Nichols

Judy Robertson

John Scully

Peter Soler

Kiera Stevens

Margaret Swann

Anonymous (1)