Have you ever been listening to Bill McGlaughlin’s Exploring Music or Neil Appleby’s famous ‘Classical Conundrum’ and needed to leave home in the middle of the program? Now you can take Bill and Neil with you—wherever you need to be—and keep listening to 3MBS while you’re on the go.

Perhaps you struggle with your radio reception in your particular neighbourhood? Find 3MBS on the new Community Radio Plus app and you’ll be able to listen to crystal clear live radio via your smartphone or tablet.

Or maybe you’ve been raving to your friends about the Inspirational Women Arts Leadersdiscussions series you heard in May? With the Community Radio Plus app, all of your favourite podcasts are in the one place, easy to find and share with friends.

It is with great excitement that we are bringing you a new way to listen to 3MBS, with the launch this month of the Community Radio Plus mobile app—designed to help you stream live radio and podcasts wherever you are.

Community Radio Plus is specifically designed for the Australian community broadcasting sector. It allows listeners to stream live radio and content from over 300 community radio stations across Australia, giving you instant access wherever you are to the incredibly diverse content of the Community Broadcasting network.

Isn’t 3MBS already findable on iHeartRadio and other apps?

Yes—and you can still find 3MBS using those apps! Community Radio Plus gives us as a station even more options in the way we reach listeners and how we present our programs and content to our audiences.

It has some great features, designed with community radio listeners in mind. It enables listeners to listen live to our FM and DAB streams, as well as to access a selection of podcasts.

And from within the app you can call the station, visit our website, renew your subscription, or even see what’s happening on our Facebook page.

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