3MBS is committed to providing employees, volunteers and listeners with an environment that is free of intimidation, threat, offence and humiliation. 3MBS will not tolerate any kind of bullying, harassment or discrimination.

Unreasonable behaviour: is behaviour that is offensive, humiliating, intimidating, degrading or threatening. It includes, but is not limited to:

➢ unsolicited telephone calls, faxes, letters or emails that are obscene

➢ use of rude and unsuitable language in the workplace

➢ prolonged and repeated questions about a person’s private life

➢ sexual propositions

➢ calling names and offensive jokes

➢ imitating a person or a person’s accent

➢ sexual and suggestive remarks

➢ threats, insults, offensive gestures

➢ continually ignoring or dismissing a person’s contribution in a discussion

➢ verbal abuse

➢ initiation pranks

➢ excluding or isolating employees

➢ giving a person the major part of an unpleasant or meaningless task

➢ humiliation through sarcasm, or belittling someone’s opinions

➢ constant criticism or insults

➢ spreading misinformation or malicious rumours

➢ deliberately setting work routines or procedures to inconvenience certain employees

➢ displaying written or pictorial material that may degrade or offend certain employees.

Discrimination: is treating an individual with a particular attribute less favourably than an individual without that attribute or with a different attribute under similar circumstances; also, seeking to impose a condition or requirement on a person with an attribute who does not or cannot comply, while people without that attribute do or can comply.

Harassment: is uninvited, unwelcome behaviour which does not have any legitimate workplace function. Harassment includes any written, physical or verbal conduct that from the perspective of a reasonable person is intimidating, offensive or humiliating against another person.

Bullying: is repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed towards a person or group of persons. It includes behaviour that could be expected to intimidate, offend, degrade, humiliate, undermine or threaten.

Repeated unreasonable behaviour: refers to the nature of the behaviour, not the specific form of that behaviour. “Repeated unreasonable behaviour” may thus be a pattern of diverse incidents.

Lack of intent: is no defence in bullying, discrimination or harassment cases. Formerly agreed behaviour may be found to be bullying, harassment or discrimination when it continues after a request from the recipient for the behaviour to stop, or at the point when it becomes intimidating, offensive or humiliating.

All 3MBS staff, volunteers and members are required at all times to act responsibly and with dignity and to adhere to society’s norms for acceptable behaviour.

Discrimination in employment (volunteer or paid) is specifically or in any other circumstances is prohibited. 3MBS will not tolerate any form of discrimination or victimisation under any form.

Current legislation states that it is illegal to discriminate, victimise, harass or vilify on the basis of:

➢ sex

➢ pregnancy or potential pregnancy

➢ sexuality or sexual preference

➢ gender identity or dress

➢ marital/domestic status

➢ family responsibilities, family status, status as a parent or carer

➢ breast feeding

➢ disability


➢ medical record or health status

➢ physical features

➢ race, colour, culture, social origin, descent, or ethnic, ethno-religious or national origin

➢ age

➢ religious belief or activity

➢ political belief or activity

➢ industrial activity, or employer association activity

➢ trade union activity

➢ profession, trade, occupation or calling.

In the case of someone found to have a criminal record, efforts may be made to find an appropriate area of work for that person depending on an assessment of the degree of vulnerability that might exist for the organisation.

Harassment does not have any legitimate at the station. 3MBS will not tolerate harassment under any circumstances. The responsibility lies with every manager, supervisor, employee and volunteer to ensure that harassment does not occur.

Bullying is prohibited. 3MBS will not tolerate any form of bullying under any circumstances.

3MBS considers that legislative obligations under the Acts establish minimum standards of behaviour for employees.

The principles set out in this policy are intended to apply to staff and volunteers, and to any work-related context, including conferences, work functions, social events and business trips, and any instances where people represent 3MBS.