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In the November issue…

It Takes a Team: The Remarkable Staff of 3MBS

“When the pandemic first hit and we didn’t know much about how it would affect us, it would have been very easy to simply send all our presenters home and put on a playlist to keep us going…”

Images: April, Con, Richard, Adrian, Stephen, Sam, Bert (Lisa Beaumont/Not All Rock & Roll), Gail (Sarah Walker), Grace, Stewart (supplied).

In the November issue of On Air magazine we look back at how the dedicated team of staff at 3MBS worked together through lockdowns and uncertainty to keep the music playing and the community cared for. We shine a light on the invaluable contributions of each staff member to the station—and we also take a sneak peek at what kept them entertained in their downtime!

Welcome Katy Turbitt!

“I believe that music helps us to be human, healthy and to stay connected—this feels important, now more so than ever.”

Image: Tizia May

We welcome our new Subscriptions & Engagement Manager Katy Turbit, who comes to the station with a passion for the performing arts and a belief in the power of music to connect us to one another.

Special treat for Reflections lovers

Image: Supplied

We reveal the special treat in store for Reflections listeners, with a line-up of much-loved interviewers sharing their own journeys and musical selections each week up until Christmas.