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In the July issue…

The Ngarra-burria First Peoples (Indigenous) Composers Program

“The Ngarra-burria program is not just about developing and profiling Indigenous composers, it is also saying “it’s time the industry went to the source”

Indigenous composer and academic Dr Christopher Sainsbury, who established the Ngarra-burria First Peoples Composers program, speaks to us about the importance of having an Indigenous voice in classical music.

Photo: Evana Ho

Top 100 Winner

In this year’s Top 100, Beethoven’s Symphony No.9 took line honours. We take a behind-the-scenes look at this famous symphony, to find out what it is that makes it so widely loved.

Photos: supplied

Amy Woodforde-Finden

We profile English composer Amy Woodforde-Finden who spent time in India at the end of the twentieth century, and whose music included her interpretation of the culture in which she was living.

Photo: Alamy