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In the April issue…

The Night Parrot: Setting Stories to Song with Musical Storyteller Jessica Wells

“I love being able to move from a zombie movie across to a TV show about gardens to a chicken commercial!”

Composer, orchestrator and arranger Jessica Wells talks about her newly-released album The Night Parrot and the joy she finds in bringing stories to life through music.

Photo: Jared Underwood

Scattered Self: Countertenor Hamish Gould in Concert

“Knowing with certainty that the compositions will work for my voice, because they were intended for my voice, gives me a freedom to dive into the pieces and push boundaries as a performer.”

Countertenor Hamish Gould talks about the thrill of performing seven world premieres by seven different composers in a single concert, each work written specifically for him.

Photo: Philip Gould

COVID, Choirs and Cleansing

“Having sung in choirs for much of my life, singing is as natural as breathing. For me, a shower would not be as cleansing without some singing, listening to a tune would feel too solitary without self-harmonising and a year without singing alongside fellow choristers could never be imagined.”

Helen Rommelaar reflects on the magical experience of singing in a choir, the creativity (and humour) of virtual choir projects, and the thrill of returning to ‘real’ rehearsals where voices can once again blend joyfully together.

Photo: Supplied