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In the December/January issue…

Christopher Kopke and the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra

“The orchestra’s own identity is one that is of a close-knit musical family. I think that the audience can see and feel the love that is conveyed when we make music…”

Morning Recital presenter Stephen Carpenter brings us a fascinating interview with Christopher Kopke, Principal Conductor of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra. Read Christopher’s wonderful recollections of his own musical upbringing and training, as well as stories from more than two decades at the helm of this beloved Melbourne institution.

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Keeping a Young Performer’s Dream Alive

“One only has to look through the list of past Award winners to recognise distinguished artists who now define Australia’s fine music landscape”

In 2020 the Victorian Young Performer of the Year Award was celebrated a little differently and included a special broadcast featuring interviews with some of the amazing past winners of the Award. The occasion was also marked with an exciting performance from 2001 Award winner Hoang Pham, in the first ever digital recital streamed live from the recently-upgraded Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio.