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In the September issue…

The 3MBS Dante 700 Broadcast Festival

“Liszt managed to vividly recreate the orchestral timbres and colours, from desperate souls lamenting in the strings and brass to shimmering harps representing the Earthly Paradise…”

In the September issue of On Air magazine we are thrilled to present to you the 3MBS Dante 700 Broadcast Festival! Curated by Margot Costanzo and Karen van Spall, this exciting festival will feature an array of performances and interviews celebrating the musical legacy of Italian poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri, whose death 700 years ago is being commemorated worldwide. Our Essential Dante Playlist presents all the listening highlights in the broadcast festival, including the Australian premiere of Lizst’s own transcription for piano four hands of ‘A Dante Symphony’, to be performed by Coady Green and Christopher Smith. In our special Dante feature, Coady shares his thoughts on the musical representation of Dante’s Earthly Paradise in the “devilishly virtuosic” transcription Liszt created. Don’t miss this special issue—and be sure to tune into the 3MBS Broadcast Festival, 13-19 September!

In Conversation with Toby Cumpstay

“Whether you play or create music or simply enjoy listening, the ability for the human spirit to be transformed by the power of music is remarkable…”

In the September issue of On Air magazine, we chat with Toby Cumpstay, co-founder of specialist string instrument store Simply for Strings. This year we are pleased to partner with Simply for Strings to present a new recital series featuring some of Melbourne’s most lauded string players. In this fascinating interview, Toby shares his view on the importance of music, and the ways in which the business has adapted to ensure that music-making can continue to bring joy across the country.

Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis and Me

“We’re related to Elvis!”

In an On Air magazine exclusive, 3MBS’s own Helen Rommelaar reveals her astonishing connection to the King of Rock’n’Roll and shares her excitement—and trepidation—at discovering her family’s celebrity ties. Keen to know more? Subscribe to 3MBS now to receive your copy of the September issue.

Photo by: Alamy