Year: 2018


CD1 BEETHOVEN: Symphonies 1&2 · Overture “Leonore No.3”, op.72b [Gewandhausorchester Leipzig]

CD2 BEETHOVEN: Symphony No.3 “Eroica” · Fidelio Overture, op.72 · Symphony No.4 [Gewandhausorchester Leipzig]

CD3 BEETHOVEN: Coriolan Overture, op.62 · Symphonies Nos. 5&6 [Gewandhausorchester Leipzig]

CD4 BEETHOVEN: Egmont Overture, op.84 · Symphony No.7 · The Ruins of Athens Overture, op.113 · Symphony No.8 [Gewandhausorchester Leipzig]

CD5 BEETHOVEN: Overture “Namensfeier”, op.115 · “King Stephen Or Hungary’s First Benefactor” Overture, op.117; Symphony No.9 [Gewandhausorchester Leipzig]

CD6 BRAHMS: Symphony No.1 · Academic Festival Overture [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD7 BRAHMS: Symphony No.2 · WEBERN: Im Sommerwind [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD8 BRAHMS: Symphony No.3 · SCHOENBERG: Chamber Symphony No.1 [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD9 BRAHMS: Symphony No.4 · SCHOENBERG: 5 Orchestral Pieces [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD10 BRAHMS: Symphonies 1&3 [Gewandhausorchester Leipzig]

CD11 BRAHMS: Symphonies 2&4 [Gewandhausorchester Leipzig]

CD12 BRAHMS: Tragic Overture · Variations on a Theme by Haydn etc [Gewandhausorchester Leipzig]

CD13 BRUCKNER: Overture in G minor · Symphony No.0 [Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin]

CD14 BRUCKNER: Symphony No.1 [Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin]

CD15 BRUCKNER: Symphony No.2 [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD16 BRUCKNER: Symphony No.3 [Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin]

CD17 BRUCKNER: Symphony No.4 [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD18 BRUCKNER: Symphony No.5 [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD19 BRUCKNER: Symphony No.6 · WOLF: Four Goethe Songs

CD20 BRUCKNER: Symphony No.7 [Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin]

CD21 BRUCKNER: Symphony No.8 [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD22 BRUCKNER: Symphony No.9 · J.S. BACH: Music Offering: Ricercare, BWV 1079 transcr. Webern [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD23 DVORAK: Carnival Overture, op.92 · Symphony No.9 “From the New World” [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD24 FRANCK: Symphony In D minor · Variations symphoniques* [*Jorge Bolet · Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD25 LISZT: A Faust Symphony [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD26 BERG: Piano Sonata orch. Verbey · MAHLER: Symphony No.1 [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD27-28 MAHLER: Symphony No.2 “Resurrection” · Totenfeier [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD29-30 MAHLER: Symphony No.3 · Suite aus den Orchesterwerken von J.S. Bach [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD31 MAHLER: Symphony No.4 · BERG: Seven Early Songs [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD32 MAHLER: Symphony No.5 [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD33 MAHLER: Symphony No.6 [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD34-35 DIEPENBROCK: Im grossen Schweigen · MAHLER: Symphony No.7 [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD36 Symphony No.8 “Symphony of a Thousand” [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD37-38 MAHLER: Symphony No.9 [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD39 MAHLER: Symphony No.10 (Ed. Cooke) [Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin]

CD40 MENDELSSOHN: Symphony No.2 “Lobgesang” [London Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir]

CD41 MENDELSSOHN: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Overture · Symphony No.2 “Lobgesang” [Gewandhausorchester Leipzig]

CD42 MENDELSSOHN: Symphony No.3 “Scottish” [London Symphony Orchestra] Symphony No.3 “Scottish” (London Version) [Gewandhausorchester Leipzig]

CD43 MESSIAEN: Turangalîla-symphonie [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD44 MOSOLOV: Iron Foundry · PROKOFIEV: Symphony No.3 · VARESE: Arcana [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD45-46 SCHUMANN: Symphonies 1&4 · Symphonies 2&3 [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD47-48 SCHUMANN-MAHLER: Symphonies 1-4 [Gewandhausorchester Leipzig]

CD49 STRAVINSKY: Symphony of Psalms* · Firewords (Feu d’artifice) · Le Roi des etoiles* · The Song of the Nightingale (Le chant du rossingnol) · BERIO: Sinfonia [Radio-Symphonie-Orchester & *Chorus Berlin; Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Electric Phoenix Ensemble (Berio)]

CD50 TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No.5 [Wiener Philharmoniker]

CD51 TCHAIKOVSKY: Manfred Symphony [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD52 ZEMLINSKY: Symphony No.2 in B flat · Psalm 23 [Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin]

CD53 ZEMLINSKY: Lyrische Symphonie · Sinfonische Gesänge [Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra]

CD54-55 PUCCINI: Preludio Sinfonico · Capriccio Sinfonico [RSO Berlin] VERDI: Sinfonia in C [Orchestra Sinfonia di Milano] ROSSINI: Sinfonia in D “al Conventello” · Sinfonia in D “di Bologna” · String Sonatas 1-6 [Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bolgona]