Our website is the online representation of our mission in that it reflects the work we do, offering you a high-quality listening experience to stream, and for you to find relevant, reliable and timely coverage of Melbourne’s classical music industry.

Over the past five years, website traffic has expanded significantly from 3,950 monthly users in 2018 to 8,450 in 2022. Furthermore, our social media posting is fast becoming a leading source of influence for the community, with 3MBS Facebook visits increasing by 29% in the past twelve months alone. Access to information about our broadcasting programs, live events and current music news has increased exponentially across multiple channels online, including our website. Subsequently, this growth has identified the limitations of our current web platform as outdated and slow to respond.

For 3MBS to remain relevant, and vibrant and to offer you the best online experience, we are going for a new and improved look.

A web rebrand will have a huge impact on 3MBS. It will improve the website’s appearance, streaming capabilities and search functions. We all know how frustrating it can be when we can’t find what we’re looking for online easily. We aren’t changing what we do, just how we display it. We want to make it easier for you to find relevant content online while continuing to enjoy the music we broadcast.   

That’s why we need you to help create a new 3MBS look online.

This festive season, 3MBS is asking for your support with the aim of raising $60,000 by 31 December 2022. This much-needed funding will ensure a full upgrade of the 3MBS website, including the creation of the station’s very own imbedded digital streaming platform. This will allow our future digital performances to be streamed to engage more Australians, particularly those living in regional and remote areas, and to reach our international audiences.

So, your gift this Christmas will help to revitalise our website, to support Melbourne’s classical music community online and to introduce new listeners, musicians and music lovers across Australia to 3MBS online.

In the festive spirit of giving, 3MBS kindly asks for your support of this vital project by making a tax-deductible donation. We wish for all our supporters to have access to the latest online information and the best classical music, 24 hours a day. That could be your Christmas gift to another classical music lover in your local area.

Creating a better online classical experience for you.